NRA RSO Training

Has anyone else taken the NRA RSO Training?
My local gun club is offering the class for free for members who want to be the Lead RSO when performing their service hours.

Those that have been a Lead RSO in the past are not required to take it but it is recommended. I figured I might as well take the class even though I am not required since I have been the Lead RSO in the past and have taken the training provided by the club. Every other year is the club training and the NRA RSO course.


Yeah, it’s fine. Nothing world shaking if you’ve had some RSO training before, but more training is always good and you will be reminded of things that you’ve trained on before but aren’t current in your thinking. I’d do it.


I took the online RSO. Pretty straightforward. I am glad I took it–I wish I would have taken it before I started working on a range.
RSO is different than CRSO. If they’re giving away CRSO, that is not the cheapest class–quite a fine gift actually.


It is an 8 hour class being held over two Monday nights. The club is charging non club members $60 to take the class. So I am excited for more training and the price is right.

Day one finished. Next week is day two of class.


How are you liking it? I did mine online. There was definitely no need for ‘day two’. Went very quick.

I’ve done the NRA’s RSO course, it had solid knowledge but I don’t remember having any “WOW, I didn’t know that” moments. I think mine was an 8 hour class (it was 2 years ago now).


I think the RSO course is a great example of a course that, by the time you decide you want to take it, you have so much experience on ranges that it’s more or less a review and organization of what you already know.


There really has not been anything earth shattering with the training; especially since I have been through or club specific Lead RSO training before.

We are having the County Sheriff, Fire Dept, and ambulance come out for most of day two.

At our club all Lead RSOs are required to go through Lead RSO training. Every other year it is the NRA RSO training, the off years it is just our training.

Our club has been open since 1964 and while open to the public there has not been a major incident, just some scope bites and hurt pride.

It’s a good course. Not earth shattering. I was required to take it because I work with the Juniors and I was RSO for some other competitions.

Our club is a member only 24 hour key card access with no RSO on duty and we have not had a gun related injury in 115 years. I do not hesitate to correct people when I am at the club if I see them being unsafe.

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As a current RSO at my outdoor range, I was required to take the NRA course. Any firearms training is useful training!

Try, also, to have your range set up additional training when possible. About 18 months ago we had another class introduced to us—active shooter response and emergency medical. It reminded me of military training. It introduced us to the very latest medical procedures and we had a shooting / range day with pistols and carbines (AR-15s) that tied it all together.

The USCCA emergency first aid fundamentals is a good class that I would recommend for lay people.

every 2 years I take a medic first aid / aed class through the motorcycle club.

I would really like to take an advanced trauma class though.

What do you define as advanced trauma? EMT/Paramedic level training? I think those skills are pretty handy if you spend a lot of time in the boondocks.

I have Micheal Martins first aid book but we live in the middle of no where on 20 acres.

I want more medical training for myself on major bleeds everything has changed so much since I last took one where no it is ok to use tranaquets all the time

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