R.I.P. Ammo

Would like to know if using R.I.P. Ammunition for Self Defense in the State of Wisconsin would be Legal?

Yeah… good question… but for me using this ammo is like asking for trouble… just because of name…

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Radically Invasive Projectile.

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If I remember right, RIP is a frangible round that breaks apart in the body.

A couple of things to keep in mind, you’ll have to defend using ammo with a vanity name like that. Also, most people use hollow point ammo for their self-defense - so you’ll also have to defend why you’re using a different type of ammo.

Why do you want to carry that specific brand?

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Exactly! When in doubt, do as the police do and follow what they use, it will be less hassle, hopefully. I like having Critical Duty for that reason.


Ammunition Regulation in Wisconsin

Last updated November 1, 2019

Based on article posted by @MrPuma2072, RIP Ammmo is legal in WI… however I’m still not sure if Jury would be on my side, hearing what kind of ammo I’ve used :thinking:

The best advice I’ve gotten on self defense ammunition is to ask local LEO’s what they carry in their off duty guns. For me that was Hornady Critical Defense.

You want to present as few outliers as you can, if you ever have to defend yourself. Prosecutorial Discretion can be a nightmare even in a completely justified self defense incident.


Thank you everyone for your opinion, I didnt plan on using that type of Ammo, just wanted to know. Thanks to you all.RSSR


Thank you for asking. There is wisdom in the counsel of many.

I’m not sure if it’s legal or not, but there are videos available on youtube that show how much of an over rated gimmick it is. I personally stick with any bonded hollow point from a reputable manufacturer.


For Self defense, I use a “normal” hollow point. One of the top 4 will be a safe selection. I use the specialty ammo for fruit and vegetables.