Question on Mandatory Notification & Open Carry in TX

If Open Carry outside of a vehicle at time of contact with an officer do you still need to notify them verbally that you are Licensed to Carry and currently armed by Texas Law? When I open carry it is obvious do to my slight build. I’m always apprehensive in telling an officer I am LTC and currently armed until they get through notifying me why they have made contact and or telling me what they want if it’s I’D or whatever, but I don’t want to be perceived as not notifying them promptly as required.

I live in the hot south and often am shirtless while on my property doing choirs etc. So my sidearm is obvious, especially with my slight frame. As well I may walk over to neighboring property while shirtless to chat it up some with friendlies when I have my weapon holstered on my hip.

Second question is if more than one officer shows up and they all seem to be making inquiries in to a concern they have or for a citizen complaint, do I need to notify each officer if I am carrying concealed or openly?

Reason I ask is 4 units showed up for a noise complaint due to my shooting some ice hockey pucks into my backstop designed for such. Some people just have negative perceptions of hockey and look to be offended. I was never asked for ID, but all questioned me and or made statements at some point. Should I by law inform each officer as they approached me and made inquiries or offered their input into the situation or what? All was okay, they were courteous and professional even though it was a bit unnerving to have four units show up on a simple noise complaint of which was the first time in 60 years of living in my home for such to occur.

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In these things I think its always best to comply with the letter of the law… it doesn’t say “… unless it’s obvious” so I’d be informing. I will have done what the law requires so theres no gray area. Maybe something like “officer, I know its obvious, but I want to inform you I’m carrying, and I have a permit, because that’s what the law requires me to do.”

That’s a good question. Maybe @MikeBKY can shed some light on it for us.

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This is what I found on our reciprocity map located here:

If a license holder is carrying a handgun on or about their person when an officer demands that the license holder display identification, the license holder shall display both the license holder’s driver’s license or identification certificate issued by the department and the license holder’s handgun license.

So if an officer asks you for ID show your Permit as well, and just to parrot off of what @Zee said, I would tell them even if it is obvious, and tell each cop you have contact with. Then there is not any confusion or failure to notify, and you have done your due diligence for your own legal protection.


Thank you for the best way to deal with the situation I described. As well thanks for the excellent verbiage on how to inform officer(s) of LTC even when open carrying. I certainly do not want them to think I was being smart, but the phrase help you gave will work well to inform yet not seem as being smart mouthed.



Thanks James. You are right. It’s just nervous times when being stopped, and then to inform an officer you are armed takes it to a new level of nervousness when you don’t know how the officer(s) will respond. Yet, a lot better to do it than have any confussion later and God forbid get hit with a arrest.

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If police are doing an investigation and an officer approaches you and you inform him/her, and then other officers show up, do you need to inform each officer? Really good question! We do not have the requirement in Kentucky and I am only licensed to practice law in Kentucky, but common sense would say that when you notified the first officer, any responding officer should be on notice. However, if a different officer comes up to you, I would suggest you mention to the new officer that “I already advised officer x that I have a LTC and I am carrying.” If they ask for your credentials, then provide them.

As for open carry, I thing it depends on whether you need a LTC to carry open. In KY, you never needed on to OC and since the summer, no longer for CC. But the LTC laws here still say you are required to produce your card if requested.


Thanks MikeBKY. Good point and sound input on how to best handle a situation where multiple officers show up separately to scene you are a subject of or the company of someone else who is of interest to law enforcement.