Question for LEO's

How does one “Clean up” after a self defense event in the home? Are there “services” that specialize in this? I have not been able to find info on this topic. I figure LEO’s will have the most relevant experience with this answer. BTW, thank you for your service!

Probably need to talk to someone in the crime scene unit.

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Crime scene cleaners, bioremediation specialists, bio-hazard cleaners or forensic cleaners

We have one local company:


Thanks. I’ll bet it’s expensive.

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Never had to use them. :ok_hand:
I’m guessing it’s covered by Insurance… however I’m wondering which one… USCCA, or home… :thinking:

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It says most home insurance covers it.


Be sure it is written on the policy. This is the same story with firearms. Most home insurances cover them… but if you read the policy you can find zero words about it. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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“Incidental Expenses” in the Self Defense Liability Policy that you have with a USCCA membership includes:
"the costs to clean or restore the “residence premises” of the “insured” as a result of an “occurrence” that
are not covered by or are included within deductible amounts of any applicable homeowners policy; "


Thank you Brandon!