I’m interested in getting another PCC. Supposedly the PSA ARV has improved feeding ramps so issues with hollow-points not feeding is resolved. Anybody have one of these and care to share their experience? Thanks!

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I am not aware of a PSA PRV, are you sure of the model? There are AR format 9mm’s: PA-9, PX-9, AR-V, and the AK format: AK-V.
My PA-9, 8" barrel has handled any and everything I can find to run through it.

I love my AK-V.

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Crap, you are right it’s the AR V.

darn typos :rofl:

Hopefully someone in the “Community” with an AR-V can shed some light for you on this topic. Haven’t seen any issues reported by the YouTubers that cover/review such things, but I’m sure MAC was able to break it, if he got his hands on one.

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I saw one YT vid and the guy said the only hollowpoint that had issues was a 147-grain Winchester round but everything else was fine. Another guy fired Speer which is a good sign. I have 124-grain HST so I should be fine. I just try and get as many data points as possible.

I dont have personal experience with it, but there are a number of youtube videos on it. This is the most well-known reviewer I saw.

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They both use Scorpion mags so the feedramps are probably the same, no? In theory? If so, how to HPs feed for you?

Oh nice, I didn’t see this one. I saw the one where he felt his had a defect. Thanks Harvey

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That is one of the reasons I bought it. Same mags as my Scorpion. So, far, it has fed anything I’ve tried. both are super fun, but I wish I went with the Scorpion carbine instead of the pistol.

The PSA model at 16"? I was curious about barrel length too. I wonder if you lose velocity at 16"? Like whats the ideal dwell time?

No idea. It goes bang. I smile.


Did you go with the Scorpion mags or the Magpul mags?

Already had CZ, so no need for any others. You’ll want the Lula Loader/Unloader for CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1, by MAGLULA, Style: LU17B.

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I have the standard Maglula for Glock mags etc. That won’t work with these?

Google is your friend…

Look up “ballistics by the inch.”They shorten a barrel 1” at a time with a variety of different ammunition. Then post the results.


That’s interesting. Barrel length adds more than I would’ve thought.