Product Review, LaserMax CENTERFIRE LaserSight with GripSense

When I saw this LaserMax laser sight on sale on for a whopping $49, I just had to take it for a spin. While I’d prefer a red-dot, this gun isn’t built to accept one. So the laser was a natural alternative.

Putting it on my EC9S took about a two minutes. The included instructions were easy to follow and had pictures for each step.

Initial alignment was done using a G-Sight ELMS laser system, which I use for dry-firing. The sight has two small holes into which you insert a tiny hex wrench to adjust for elevation and windage. Iteratively shooting the G-Sight laser and adjusting the sight, I was able to get the two laser dots to overlap each other.

When it was adjusted thus, the laser dot at 10 yards was hovering just above the iron sights. I took this as a good sign.


I went to check out my alignment work at the range today, and at 10 yards, my initial shots were consistently about two inches low, and right on centerline. Shooting groups of three, and then pausing to evaluate and make miniscule adjustments to elevation, I got it dialed in to tight groups on and very close to center target.


Grip sense automatically turns the sight on when it’s held in ready position
Quick target acquisition
Good price
Easy to install
Easy to dial it in


Your left thumb can hit the button on the left side of the sight that turns the laser OFF.
The replacement battery is costly, but you’ll supposedly get 150 or so hours out of it.

This will be a fun little addition to my EC9s, and I look forward to putting it through the paces.


I put the viridian ecr on my Remington 380 and like it alot one difference is you have to use their holster because when you draw it the laser comes on and doesn’t turn off until you holster it

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If had the green laser version of the Gripsense for over a year, I’ve found it accurate, viewable in the daylight at up to 15 - 20 yards, easy to see at 150 yards at night, so far no mechanical issues, I do not use the included light however as its not very bright and greatly impacts battery life.

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