Preventative Maintenance: Moisture Control

In Arizona, it’s a dry heat. In Tennessee, it’s a very humid heat. In Wisconsin, we go from humid to dry heat and then humid to dry cold. The humidity and dry weather can affect our firearms in multiple ways.

Here’s a blog about keeping your firearm rust-free in those more humid climates:

What tips do you have for keeping your gun in peak running condition in dry heat or humidity?

Fire your guns often…….clean your guns often (I’m one of those every time it’s fired kind of guys). Problem solved. :grinning:

I also keep my guns in my gun safe and have desecant (sp?) bags at the bottom. I also clean my guns regularly…after firing them. :grinning:


I too am an everytime I fire them kinda guy. For my carry down here in South Fla the humidity is very high and I carry iwb appendix so it gets cleaned and lubed more often than I fire it.

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Additionally I’m wrapping my firearms with cloth (piece of good quality t-shirt) before placing them in hard-case.


I’m getting the feeling that you clean your guns often, @JamesR :wink:

How often do you change the desiccant bags? (I had to google the spelling :rofl: )


You have to change them out!? Sounds like I need to make an Amazon run…:grinning:

(and yep, each one at least once a quarter based my attempt of “rotating”)

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Change them out? Nuke 'em in microwave it removes collected moisture and makes them fresher again.


Silica gel can be dried keeping them on sunlight for few hours (if you don’t trust microwave)

What James said. Clean and oil after every usage. Have a dehumidifier in my safe as well as my TSA approved lock boxes for air travel. Change then out every 3 months minimum.

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Mine are cleaned at least monthly whether they need em or not. Not cleaned after every time I fire. If could be a few hundred rounds between cleaning unless I shoot really dirty ammo.

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