POLL: What are you doing with your tax return

Straight into savings. It will go towards paying property taxes later when it’s due.


Leaving it in my bank account as if I never received it


I’m in the “what’s a refund” camp. I just get to pay, pay some more, and then finish it off with paying even more. LoL. Maybe one of these days I’ll find the amount that is “my fair share”


Want PCP air rifle+compressor (AirForce 45 or 50 caliber)
she who feeds me regularly (40yrs+) is insisting on a generator
dual fuel inverter generator with electric start (for her)
The power fail during the storm seriously got her attention
Especially my “useless prepper stuff” propane stove, battery lights and water/food stores kept us in good order
except for the fridge, the heater and her TV/computer/video player.
She may have a point - Wants vs needs

Replenishing the money I spent, that I didn’t have, at Christmas, on guns, so I can now pay bills that I put off then… :sunglasses:

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No refund this year either. :frowning:


If you are getting a refund, then you just gave the government an interest free loan - I have always tried to either break even or pay a little more - that way I had that free loan in my bank account.