When Things are Bad

Went to the range, No AMMO WTF lol you know things are bad when there is no ammo left


time for snap caps and “stay-at-home” practice :joy:


LMAO - I hope not - The stay at home thing has me stir crazy -


After this pandemic, never get below half tank. Stock up, you can never have enough ammo. However by the time we get out of this pandemic, another pandemic will occur in November. I don’t expect to see ammunition on the shelves til after January 20th, depending on the outcome.
It’s called an election or revolution. If I was a manufacturer of ammunition, I would try to produce billions of cases of ammunition in accordance with the “Defense Production Act” emphasis on defense!

When things are good I practice at the range as often as possible, when things are bad, lock and load and prepare to put all that practice to work.
When things are bad, prepare for the mission.
Or should I put it in Latin: Sic vis pacem para bellum.


I’m in the same boat… a lot of us are. Dryfire practice has been helping… and researching my next firearm purchase :smiley:


I haven’t had a problem with ammo. And it is because I reload my own except for .22lr and .223 rem. And my gun club only sales shotgun ammo for the most part. And my gun club is open. So I can go out whenever I want to practice or relive stress. and I’m planning on going tomorrow to and shoot at some UN targets that I have from JPFO. To show how I feel about W.H.O. and I also have some prairie dog targets as well that I’m taking to shoot at.

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There is always something to do…
Today I’ve decided to clean barrels in my handguns… I mean really, really clean them… :grimacing:
And surprise… they are not clean as I’ve been expected :triumph:
So I have few hours of doing something fun.


Don’t waste your ammo for now. Get one of these


Speaking of doing something fun…they didnt have any 9mm that wasn’t twice the normal price at the local gun shop the other day, but the 00 buckshot was reasonable. So, I picked up a bunch and went home and ordered a streamlight 1000 lumin foregrip, crimson trace laser saddle, and a few other do dads for the mossberg 500 cruiser that I’ve had sitting around since the late 80’s. Guess what I’m doing this weekend… My wife is going to be so proud that I didnt waste money on that over priced 9mm stuff!!!



My wife is not a fan of me dry firing! I get that stare with every click.


@MikeBKY just because @Dawn could use a laugh. Paraphrasing Mad Eye Moody “You have, an OFFICE!” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: