Shopping trip with the stimulus check

seeing as how the goverment is giving everyone $1,200 for this covid 19 thing, which they should be giving us much more for being forced to care about health, but it is what it is, it will be time to go shopping.

wanting to purchase a new firearm, wondering what people would purchase. I have a .380 for carry and a .357 revolver.

i am thinking about the following

Ruger 57 just because of the ammunition potential and round capacity

Beretta 96a1

Kimber Rapide Black Ice

open to other 9mm or greater semi auto with more than a 10 round magazine, better than carrying spare magazines all the time.

Of the choices you listed, I’d go with the Kimber.


That’s a pretty eclectic set of choices, and must be driven by very different interests? Just focusing on your list if I wanted something I was going to use then the Kimber (whose custom shop has been putting out great 1911s for decades now). I might buy the Ruger because I’m a sucker for unique new concepts (and I have a couple of “orphans” to show for it). I can’t see a reason for the Beretta, unless somehow military service made you fond of the design.

As for other options, I would look at the SIG P-320 family. Besides being one of the best 9mm options out there the unique design allows for conversion kits that would easily let you go to .40S&W, .357 SIG, and even .45ACP as well as between frame sizes. I’m not that versed in all the different models in the family and how the conversion kits work, so you’d need to do a bunch of research to make sure you are covering your full range of interests. But overall the way SIG made the trigger group, rather than the frame, the registered firearm yields possibilities you just can’t get in other firearms.


I love my little Ruger LCP it is perfect for daily carry, and I am good with it, however getting $1200, i would much rather use that money than to pay any form of a bill. we all have been forced to have our days ruined by staying in and not just having fun, so we are owed this money to get ourselves something nice and not use it to pay bills.

just saw an ad in handgun magazine for the Taurus 856 revolver, that looks kinda interesting, it is .38 special with +p capabilities and has a laser sight included. still only has 6 rounds though, however the laser sight would be cool, and it looks reasonable in price… around $400.00 according to taurus web site.

I would do some research before choosing a Ruger 57 for carry. I think the video (link below) on the Military Arms Channel goes into it best, but a drop or a sharp blow could cause it to fire. I am not trashing Rugers, the 57 is just a better choice for the range than carry.

Jump to 22:35 for info on the firing pin passive saftey.

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thinking about a shopping spree with that money. an online store had a Kimber ultra carry 2 on sale , at a great price for a few days, before the panic buying started. I like that size 45 for carry wish I could still get that price .my order would almost instantaneous!

Darn… $9.09 too much. Maybe I’ll start a Go-Fund-Me account.


Posted something similar on another thread but short version is whatever you decide to buy at least try to buy local

The young woman that cuts my hair every two weeks (a single mom) was told that she could not open her salon, this was on March 30th. I have missed two appointments already with her. Today I used the Chase Zelle app and sent her the money for the two cancelled appointments and told her that I will continue to pay her every two weeks as usual, even though she cannot cut it. She was soooo very thankful.
Is there anyone that you could do the same for? Then just do it. :+1:


That is very nice of you to do, and an admirable thing as well. however we all have been trapped inside our houses with nothing really enjoyable to do besides do our job, so do we not deserve something from the government for causing us to not be able to do what we want and get what we want instantly and when we want it? Most people think they do. My significant other tells me i should save the money since i already have my Ruger LCP for my carry weapon and my Ruger .357 mag revolver for when I go to competitions… however the LCP is only 6 + 1 for ammo capacity which means when i go out I have to carry at least 2 extra magazines and the revolver only holds 6 round, unlike some of the Glocks that carry 17 plus with the standard magazines. I really like my LCP it is easy to conceal and very light weight, but 7 rounds is kinda a small amount of ammunition especially working in Chicago. Plus i am not real sure if I could enter competition shooting events with the LCP because it is so small and so limited on capacity, plus it would take a lot of effort to get tournament championship with it because of thesights it has being so small. I could use that money to go and get new glasses and actually fix the electrical issue with my van, however is that something fun?

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I don’t know…seeing what I’m shooting at and having my van work every time sounds kinda fun.


I carry an Springfield XD 2.0 Subcompact. 13 rounds and 2 back up mags with 16 rounds.
Also will carry a Springfield EMP4 with a 10 round spare mag.
Just ordered a Springfield 911 in 9mm.
These work for me.


There are many ways I’m spending money that I technically don’t have to, so that when things return to (semi-)normal they’ll actually be closer to normal. High tips for the occasional restaurant delivery people, keeping the cleaning folks cleaning my work apartment (I work in a different state than I live in) showing up every other week even though the apartment is perfectly clean, trying out pick-up from local restaurants we’ve never tried, our kennel did a discounted pre-pay offering to raise cash to hold them over until people start traveling again and we bought quite a few days for the pups, etc. But I do believe that spending the stimulus check on things that support mental health is a good use of those funds. And there is no way to spend them without that money helping others to be employed. Some local (e.g., gunshop employees) and some remote but equally worthy (those making the firearm, ammo, accessory, etc.) and those in-between.


Just put order in for S&W mod,19 Carry Comp.PC tuned night front site 3in.101.00 left over for ammo.


Our stimulus payments but the account this week. I just transferred it all to the savings account. I’ll be dipping into it piecemeal over the summer for building materials. I have several improvement projects in the works, which I think is a good way of spending it and keeping it at the same time.


Nice revolver @Troy7. :+1: $101 should get you a box of 50 rounds… hopefully. :rofl:


Seriously, I would like to know how many people will burn their stimulus check because it has Trump’ name on it.
Should be really interesting to know. Maybe that could be included in the 2020 Census :money_mouth_face:
Maybe the better question is how many with Trump Derangement Syndrome actually cashed it. That takes balls.

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Probably about as many as the ones that said they would leave the US if Trump was elected …


Maybe a box of 20, for the good stuff :sweat_smile:

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