POLL: Are You Finding Ammo? If so, where?

Freedom Munitions, sometimes. Target only.

I bought all I needed before the shortage.

I stayed pretty well stocked up before the shortage started so I’m not having a huge issue. There are a few online suppliers that generally have ammo in stock, just be careful about sites that say they’re “Cheaper than…” because they seem to be the ones doing the biggest price gouging.

And USCCA needs to get someone who can write better poll questions (or more specifically the answer options) than this. I would like to contribute to the poll, but there’s no option for “Yes, finding both target and self-defense ammo” or “Only slightly more expensive than expected” or “Not looking for ammo”

I have to go to three different gun stores. Academy sports, outdoor shops, and finally sometimes I get lucky and find ammo at a pawn shop

Various online sellers

I reload my own ammo, but I cannot find any primers for sale that are not 10 times the normal price.

Specialty gun shops and on line, if your lucky bass pro shop

I’ve got some primers I can sell you $100/box. You pay shipping and handling about $100. Great deal.

Gun ranges, LGS

Not looking.

Northwest armory

My local gun shops have limited supplies of ammo, but they receive regular shipments. They also ration the amount they can sell to each individual. Online, there are a few shops I use that have most of the calibers I use but are kind of expensive. Most of the time I find myself picking between price or availability.

Master at arms, gun store

I use Ammoland as a clearinghouse for information on ammunition availability. Personally, I have no ammunition needs. My wife and I maintain an adequate inventory, buying regularly to maintain our stock at levels that easily see us through these market fluctuations. I urge everyone to do the same and not wait for scarcity to impact their shooting activities.

Ammunition Depot

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On line Cheaper Than Dirt

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Am finding ammo on the internet. Supplies are limited–mostly target stuff. It is also double and triple of what I used to pay

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Local gun store, but it is available on a first come first served basis and doesn’t last long.

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Gun range I belong to and through ammoseek.com

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