POLL: Are You Finding Ammo? If so, where?

Scheels-range ammo 1 bx limit, Fleet Farm, range ammo, 2 bx limit, ammo available 1st time in months


They had 1 bulk packages with a sling still available two days ago, they are probably out now


Scott’s Quick Stop on the corner of M-53 and M-46 north of Marlette, MI seems to always have 9mm and 40SW but gets pretty crazy with prices. About 2 months ago he was trying to get $60/box no limit and some people were buying. Now he’s around $30. Gold Star Outdoors on M-46 just west of Edmore has it regularly and in the $20 range with 1 or 2 box limit. Also has personal defense loads. Bullet Hole in Holland has it off & on, fair price 1 box limit. Centershot Gun Range near Dorr, MI had 1 box limit last time I was there. Last month Williams Gun Sight in Lapeer, MI was limiting 1 box with the purchase of a firearm. A&G Supply in Kendallville, IN had lots of ammo in a wide range of calibers, but a bit pricey. Also, boxes appeared to be pretty worn making me wonder how old it was.

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on line only. Have to search daily

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Finding lots of training ammo at the larger gun shows around me. Self defense is still almost impossible, except for little known calibers.

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I found some Sierra (have never heard of or tried this brand) 9mm at Bud’s Gun Shop online. I believe it’s just a target round. A bit pricy for low end stuff (if it IS low end). It’s still in transit so I can’t give an honest review. I did finally get my Walther PDP yesterday. That was pretty hard to come by. Got that through Bud’s as well. Anyway … I have several thousands of rounds of various calibers but have halted all target shooting for the time being.

Finding ammo …??? I laugh— plainly put… THERE AIN’T NONE !

I reload and have an ample supply (for the time being). Powder, primers, bullets and brass are also in short supply.

Walmart typically has a small supply of 9mm and other pistol ammo but you have to be there when they get their delivery in our area. Many gunstores are purchasing from them and then marking up by 50% and reselling. They have very little raise in price from 8 months ago. Shotgun ammo for sporting clays etc is running 25-30 bucks per 100 shell box.


I’ve had some luck online at The Sportsmans Guide, but it’s spotty.

Academy Sports has deliveries on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. (Call your local to find out the days) I have to stand in line for when they open the doors at 9 AM. More than half the price of anywhere else, even the gun show. 9MM goes fast, but I have gotten target and defense rounds. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been stocking up on 9MM. 30-06, 300 Win Mag and 450 Bushmaster. I’m getting close to 1000 rounds of each.

I have no trouble finding 223 or 9mm. I have a contact on inside sales.

not looking at this time

Cheaper Than Dirt and Ammunition Depot

I Like to stay with Liberty Ammo but yhey are running out of primers for the 9mm amm o

Trying to reload but forget about can’t find components
and when you do it almost triple what I used to pay.
Most places are price gouging.

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The matter of the gun shops price gouging the customers ha bben turn over to the F.D.L.E. here in Florida
and i uderstand that ome of them are subject to loose the gun shop license permantly.I understand they need to make a profit but their price gouging is was out of line.

I check AmmoSeek.com. The have a wide variety of listings from different companies. Gives you all the price info.