POLL: Are You Finding Ammo? If so, where?

The new gun shop Bob’s Guns
Cottage Grove, Oregon

I saw a dozen and a half bricks of them at the show this past week-end, at prices ranging from $3/tray for vintage shot gun primers intended for large pocket shells, to $250/brick ($25 a tray) for modern stuff like CCI small rifle and Remington large magnum rifle.

I was lucky and found some 22 LR at the local guns store. Also found some 22 LR and 45 ACP at Sportsman’s Warehouse. Other than that, online but the price is high plus shipping costs. If you need it, check online or always check the local stores. Good luck!

LOL, sorry was not asking for you to sale them, just important to have them. It is a good thing to have. I goofed up and did not buy enough when I had the chance.


Local gun stores, and online.

With time, I found out the weekly ammo’s delivery date of different stores and I go as soon as they open or sometimes before opening time. They have a limit of 2 boxes, however, after several weeks I was able to stock up for range and self defense. The price is double then a year ago, need to stock up slowly each month. :wink:

local gun shops

I have several thousand of each kind. I have been ready for a long time. I think in a few month’s reloading supplies will be coming back.

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Gun shows …

Georgia Ammo

Target Sports USA will notify members of availability. Prices are inline with current numbers but way too high. 60 cents per 9mm round. Used to be 16 cents.

I’m finding that ammo is starting to become more readily available and some pricing is coming down. Locally I can buy small quantities cheaper than online. You just have to actively look around. For example .38 and .357 is up over $1 per round but I can purchase locally for around .50-.70 per round. Yes expensive but it’s lower than it was.

I’m finding plenty of ammo at Shooters World in Tampa Florida. Great selection of ammo to choose from. 5.56 is my favorite.!

At various places but it is really hit and miss and when we do find it it is so expensive we can only buy small amounts

Precision one ammo
Charleston, SC
Has all types of ammo good prices,

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Bought some Target ammo and home defense ammo (9mm & .223 ) from Freedom Munitions

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just saw this (your post is 16 hours old) and can’t find the .38. they may be out already. did you find it under “bulk ammo” or another search? Need some FMJ target ammo. Thanks!

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I have not purchased ammo on line but I have seen it at the Indian River Armory in stock but still a bit pricey. Best to buy it in bulk will save you money.