Police Officer Denouncing Shutdown Orders Goes Viral for the Perfect Reasons


Man I agree with this officer 100 percent. I would not impose on any ones rights. He may get some bad comments made about him but I give him much respect. As a former LEO myself I understand where he is coming from and what he is saying. You need to step up. And by the way I thank you for your service brother.


He’s right and from what I see he got fired for this… i drive truck and all over the country people are getting antsy and this is getting out of control… our rights are being violated and it needs to end now. This isn’t about public safety. You can’t ruin the lives of millions to save 10-20000. This is ruin that has been created is going to be payed for and felt for generations.


Just to nitpick a little, was he fired for expressing his opinion, or for doing it in uniform while in his squad car?

EDIT: I’m not using this as a platform to disagree with anything he said. I just know that people who wear uniforms have to be careful when they express opinions, because they’re always considered agents of their department when in uniform.