Pocket carry logistics

While reading another thread about tiny guns I noticed a few people mention pocket carry. I have done so myself on a few occasions and I wonder if you all would share with me how you protect your trigger in those situations. Here in Wisconsin a winter coat can be an incredible easy place to carry while I “just run into the store and pick up x” (I cannot carry at work so I am frequently moving my gun from a safe to a bag or other).out of an abundance of caution, I am very careful to make sure I don’t have a pen or business card or anything else in the pocket I choose. What sort of holster or trigger guard do you use to pocket carry?

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Always use a pocket holster, and don’t put anyrhing else in the pocket.


When I pocket carry, I use this one, front or rear pocket


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If you dont trust full holster, like, it wont slip off, check out a trigger guard, e.g. https://www.gungoddess.com/products/trigger-guard-cover

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That wont do! A strand that you cant even see may cause an ND. You can find some cringe worthy videos on youtube…

I am still using my Kydex holster. I am simply wondering what everyone here uses and what might be better. My though was that I don’t think I’d be comfortable with something like the trigger guards above. A pancake holster seems like it would be excellent. I didn’t want to mention these things in my initial post because I didn’t want to bias the replies. I want to hear what you’re already using and what you think of it or if it could be better.

??? Did you click on the Galco link ???

They offer pocket holsters (i.e. not trigger guards) from $27 to $72.

Gary I did. It looks like an excellent option and fits exactly what I was thinking might work. Have you used one?

I use a DeSantis pocket holster fit to my specific make and model. Works great.

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Well that’s embarrassing. I just re-read the part where you said “I use one”.

Sticky makes a good one, also Desantis Nemesis.

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I also utilize a Desantis Nemesis when I go for pocket carry. The shape of the hoster and the outside texture having great grip keeps the holster in the pocket during a draw. Like anything, be sure you understand how your equipment is meant to work and practice, practice, and practice some more.


This is what I use.



I’ve also got this, but the Alabama pocket holster is more comfortable.

I pocket carry using a Bianchi 152. So far it works fine! I found the stiff thumb piece combined with the “hooks” makes for a very fast draw.

Nylon holster with a bit of shock cord, single action, and the hammer rests on a slot between rounds on the cylinder.

I have a Vedder pocket holster which looks similar. It works well.

I carry a North American 22 Magnum Fits pocket and covers trigger with the fold down handle.22 Mag

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