Please pray for Louisville - Breanna Taylor grand jury results

Please say a prayer for my hometown Louisville Kentucky. The results of the Brianna Taylor grand jury was announced today only indicting one officer for 3 counts wanton endangerment. None indicted in her death.

I don’t know all the facts. No one can claim that they know all the facts. The report is inconclusive and has many gaps and unanswered questions.

I’m not going to try to accuse or convict anyone of anything without having all the details… The only thing I know is that anyone breaking in to my home, my wife and children threatened, I’ll respond violently with unrelenting deadly force. Is this what happened in this case? We still don’t know.

I’m not eloquent and I don’t have the whole story here. No one is going to react to this identically. In past events across the nation, we’ve seen senseless riots and violence. I don’t want to see that happen here. I don’t want to see people hurt each other. I don’t want our community broken or on fire.

Please, everyone, if you’re so inclined, say a prayer for my hometown and for people to act with respect, empathy and restraint.

I’m not of a mind to participate in these conflicts. I’m about defending my home and family. But like many regions in this country, if you’re coming here to take advantage of the situation, to cause havoc for no other purpose than create chaos, please know you will most likely meet with stern and vigorous opposition. This isn’t Portland or Seattle. Hopefully no one gets hurt.


:pray::pray::pray: #Louisville


Lord Jesus, We come before Your Throne of Grace to lift up Louisville… Lord we ask not only for your Divine protection for the city , but also that sound minds will prevail. Protect the innocent who cannot defend themselves and give wisdom to those who have prepared for the bad-- we hope they never have to use their weapons in self-defense or the defense of the innocent… In Jesus Name we pray… Amen


I will be praying for Louisville and the lord will cover everyone therein the blood of JESUS throughout that whole state and no weapons formed against any innocent civilians or LEOs shall prosper. In the name of Jesus Christ. AMEN


Amen and amen.


Originally, the report was that it was a ‘No Knock Warrant’. I do not think there should be ‘No Knock Warrants’. A Marine was killed when the police went to the wrong house with a no knock warrant and broke in, he defended himself and they shot him.

The problem is, recent reports are saying they did announce they were police, that her boyfriend was a drug dealer and was wanted, and that he shot first, to which the police responded.

Why was she in the line of fire? That is unknown.
Did the media lie about the no knock warrant, or is the recent report wrong. What was the testimony and evidence?

While we may pray, it will do little to lessen the attack by the left, who really do not care about Breanna or anyone else and simply use the issue to incite violence.

Two officers already shot.

Stay safe, stay aware.


I’m not surprised by any of this. The multi-million dollar settlement with the family, the charges/indictment, or the response of the public. Really? $12 million? Wanton endangerment? Violence to answer violence? :pensive:

I see the “point of no return” on the horizon. I can’t help but feel sad for the children- my sons, your sons & daughters. There are things they may never get to experience. Thankfully, there are other things I hope they never have to experience.

There’s a racial powder keg set to explode. Every incident is taken, when useful, then served to the public as a narrative. Sides are chosen and the great divide widens.

This is our reality. This is America… One step away from civil war. GOD’S JUDGEMENT or are we reaping what has been sown?



The AG stated that the warrant was executed as knock and announce (or something similar) where one witness at the apartment complex testified that the police knocked and identified themselves prior to entering the apartment (no body cameras or recordings can verify). However 11 other residents or witnesses testified that they did not hear the police knock or identify themselves. this was all available to the grand jury and they were aware only one witness corroborated that the police properly identified themselves.

We may never know all the facts. apparently this was not the only (or definitive) investigation performed. Hopefully all investigative details will be released. FBI forensics can only attribute one officer as firing the fatal shot.

regarding the case there are at least three important considerations:

  1. Regardles of whether the warrant indicated possible association to drug activity, if the residents in the apartment were sound aslerp and did not hear the knocking, or hear the police identify themselves, it could have been “knock knock we’re the police” - then crash - there goes the door… if it went that quickly and they were asleep, they may not have consciously heard the warnings and reacted to essentially a home invasion. I believe most of us here would attempt to defend our home in a home invasion. I believe this was most likely the case.

  2. the police executed a valid warrant according to their instructions, procedures and training, and the police believe they reacted in self-defense when fired upon. I believe this was also true. As terrible as her being killed was, indicting the officers for wrongful death isn’t justifiable.

  3. This was not a racially motivated attack on black suspects. Like the Marine you mentioned, Breanna Taylor’s death was the result of a terrible miscarriage of process.

I believe there was no intent to harm Breanna Taylor. I also believe that her boyfriend wasn’t knowingly shooting at police. I believe the methods or processes justifying the execution of such warrants are inherently flawed. They should always assume someone will defend themselves against a home invasion. Because that’s essentially what a no-knock warrant is. To expect otherwise is irresponsible.

If they need to blame or prosecute people for her death, they should pursue the DA and judge that approved and issued the warrant.

For now, at least 2 cops have been shot. I’m so sick of this BS.