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i am very troubled by this notice from GunsandGadgets, as the pistol brace sold with my home defense weapon was okay. Now it is not, and only two braces are acceptable. My option is to remove it or pay the $200.oo tax stamp There were no laws brought up in the Congress for passage, or the Senate.

How can such laws be made and punishable with criminal charges when not presented to the public and put to a vote. Did the democracy die in the last 50 years.

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Happy Thanksgiving :-1:

ATF Singles Out 23 SB Tactical Firearms Braces that Do Not Have Determination Letters the whole world in the palm of your hand Koliasa

According to ATF, SB Tactical has had a letter since 18 July 2018 stating only 2 of their products have been reviewed and approved.


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Got to love the gubment!

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A single letter from a federal agency attempting to make criminals out of otherwise legal gun owners and good citizens.


Just found a rebuttal from SBT:

GUNS/RLTD - ATF Singles Out 23 SB Tactical Firearms Braces that DO NOT Have Determination Letters | Timebomb 2000

"Update 11/25/2020 and Response from SB Tactical
SB Tactical is aware that in response to FOIA requests from third parties, ATF has released internal documents that confirm the existence of an effort to malign and reclassify products used by millions of law-abiding Americans. Among those documents is an incomplete, redacted criminal evaluation that SB Tactical has never seen before and which contains multiple inaccuracies.

Contrary to the letters’ baseless accusation about SB Tactical’s marketing, SB Tactical has never and would never mislead its customers. SB Tactical has been working with ATF and DOJ for years and has sought determinations from the agency about the status of its products as applied to particular firearms. ATF’s false and irrelevant statements are sadly consistent with an activist and lawless ATF that refuses to engage SB Tactical or manufacturers on the legal status of accessories used by millions of Americans.

SB Tactical finds the motives and actions of the ATF to be arbitrary and capricious. Once again, SB Tactical encourages you to reach out to the White House and ask President Trump to rollback ATF’s agenda while he still can:


As i was looking for a sb15 after hearing this I hoped on optics planet and it seam sb tactical has discontinued the sb 15

I believe sb tactical and I dont think they knew about this as they have stated for a while now they have been trying to work with the atf on there product with. I think the atf just decided to go all in after this election

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I think everything in this article is covered above, but posting anyway :slight_smile:

It sounds like more ATF being jerks ATF. Confusing, contradictory, possibly rogue, and sprinkle in some false claims.

The letter in question was not signed by an appropriate authority, similar to the initial letters to Q over the Honey Badger, instead signed

IANAL, so take with a corresponding pinch of salt… “not submitted nor approved” by ATF, does not (yet) mean you have an illegal SBR. It simply means that the ATF hasn’t approved it yet. You are in a foggy, grey, legal area, and it’s uncomfortable and that is likely exactly what they are after.

ATF has taken the position (from the Q saga) that this does not constitute a “bureau-wide policy” (this is how they get around Trump’s order to cease & desist) and rather they take each one on a case by case basis. So everything is “unapproved” until is explicitly “approved” and they will “know it when they see it”. Obviously, they cannot realistically go to millions of homes and verify each pistol, so they just leave us all in limbo. You can if you want, submit your pistol to the ATF to get it verified :rofl:

It is not in the ATF’s best interest (for their current leadership) to explicitly define what does or doesn’t fit the criteria for a valid pistol brace. Because if they define it, then manufacturers will build around it (CA is a great example). If they leave it grey then people will stop buying them because they don’t want to get caught on the wrong side. Current owners will either SBR them (now they have you on “the list”) or just not comply and if/when you get caught for something else the ATF can swoop in and go “yep, thats an illegal SBR add that charge on top of whatever you have already”.

The only way to fix it, is to change leadership, which is difficult for the President (Trump or Biden) to do. And Biden will definitely not do (because he has no problem making gun owners felons as evidenced by all the other gun control he has proposed on his website).

EDIT: Add commentary from JohnnyB


They can still be purchased on GunBroker at regular retail price.

SB15 Dark Earth

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Awesome thank you for the info

The article posted with SB Tactical state that paperwork was submitted for approval, and when they made an inquiry for the permit, they recieved a very heavily redacted letter. So attempts were made, but the ATFE is in collusion with the Anti-Gun crowd. Its is recommend to contact the legal office of your lawyers, USCCA, as they had not officially post it on their website. Though Ammoland Shooting Sports received notice from ATFE yesterday. Write your congressperson and Senators to stop the ATFE.

Right now the legality is up in the air, even the ATF hasn’t taken a solid position (they keep changing their minds). That’s where we’re at. Where we should be? Standing on a hill, not complying.

Faxon Firearms is, pun intended, trying to brace SB Tactical:
SBA3 Pistol Stabilizing Brace (No Buffer Tube) - Faxon Firearms

" Net proceeds from the sale will go toward supporting SB Tactical’s upcoming legal efforts."

Pretty good price at $70.00 as well.

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Just got this this morning

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