Photos of Your Firearms

I had one of those times yesterday, @Nathan13! No matter what I did, my phone did not want to cooperate while I was on a flight. So I turned it off and took a nap :smiley:

Welcome to the Community, @Nathan13!


This is the gun I have that I enjoy the most.


That does look like fun @Zavier_D!


The only firearm in my collection that I have never fired (nor ever had the cajones to).
Someone once told me that this gun would require a whiskey and a tetanus shot to light off… :rofl:

Ottoman matchlock musket, circa 1550, ~0.56-inch bore, OAL = 61 inches, no serial number…


No serial number :scream:
Is it legal? … Doesn’t matter…we are going to take your musket anyway :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

But seriously… That’s a great piece of art :ok_hand:


I have a photo log of all my guns

& I keep a flash drive with them on it in a safe at my friends house too. I have cropped out the serial number on the photo


Seems like something that should follow up on in a lawsuit for privacy issues. Or something that needs a law stating it’s illegal to take this information for the purpose of saving, indexing, anyway categorizing, sell, trade or share. Kinda big brother ish.

@Paul36 OH my goodness!!! I actually came across one of those when I was in Iraq! Still in the hands of a Bedouin camel herder. They were going down a wadi and we were coming over the top to get into it. It was a bit tense for a moment or three but about four of us did the ZZ Top end of “Legs” wave to let them know we wanted them to keep going. No fuss no muss. It worked and we walked in camel foot prints for a good long ways without worrying about mines.




I’m a retired Army Pilot, Cobras, and the scope on a cobra is nothing compared to what’s out there now! Years ago during an intel brief I was shown a picture of a man reading a newspaper showing the headlines. The picture was taken from a satellite, 23K miles above the earth! Found out later that intel types had also been able to read the print in the stories! Don’t believe anything the gov’t says, and I’ve also seen photos taken thru venetian blinds! If you don’t want it seen, DON’T show it!


Welcome to the community Scottie. Thanks for your service to our Country.

Stay safe out there.

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Well, they can just keep on looking because I like to be watched :rofl:

In Texas there is NO registration

Sounds like I need to too have pictures stored on Dropbox and Google photos time to get rid of them

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