Philadelphia PA Gun Permit

Just an FYI for anyone in Philadelphia PA looking to get a concealed carrying permit.
I went by on June 29th and was told they are still currently closed, the woman at the door stated they are currently waiting for CDC compliant equipment , whatever that means since all they do is finger print and take a photo. She also stated eventually when they DO open they will be taking appointments and to call for an appointment.

Link to the gun permits website, where you can also download the application


TY I have some friends in the city waiting to exercise their right :roll_eyes:

Also I’m pretty sure that site IS legit but it doesn’t look very professional :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: I’ve gotten valid info off of it

New Website regarding Philadelphia Concealed Carrying Permit
Some of the updates include, they will be appointment only, and will only be open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and will only see 30 applicants a day. Still no update on how to make the appointment and when it will start.

After 2 days of calling their number, endless busy tones and endless ringing, I was finally able to make an appointment to drop off my application
If anyone else is trying and not getting anywhere, just keep trying the numbers on the site. Good luck all and stay safe

After 59 days from start to finish of this process I finally got my CCP today (started working on this July 8th)
Here are some updated links
Philadelphia Gun Permit Site for info and numbers

Article detailing current wait periods

Current wait periods just to submit your paperwork and get interview are in 2021 Q3. It is utter madness. Even after that part, you have to wait for a approved or denial letter and then call to schedule another date to actually pick it up. I’m glad this is good for 5 years and hope by then a better system is worked out.

I feel for you folks. I just got my Wife’s done in Lancaster county by mail.

Happy mine has been done a long time and renewal is a breeze.

It’s just insane to me that in this state we have different processes by county. Unbelievable.