Pete Hegseth show on Fox News

Anyone else happen to catch Pete Hegseth’s, the former commando, show on Fox News a week or so ago?

The show was broadcast from home (or filmed there for later broadcast), and he was in the family library in doing a homeschool lesson with his little kids. (The lesson was, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”)

Anyway, I laughed so loud and cheered so hard that I almost fell out when Pete was teaching the lesson and his kids were responding, and Pete turned around to write something on the white board, and right there on his right hip at about 4:00 O’clock was the exposed butt of his handgun plain as day between his tucked shirt and his wasteband.

I cheered because he was carrying. And I laughed because I could just imagine all of the critical mail the gun control freaks must have sent to Fox News because this free American was toting a hand gun while teaching economics to his little kids.

God Bless America!



I sure did. I love that guy. What a patriot. He is a major in the National Guard. Still drilling and activly serving his country. I make it a point to watch his show on the weekend.


I would doubt that the gun control types watch Fox News…the might learn something.

I disagree. Lots of gun control types watch Fox News. Plus, many of the Fox News panel members, regular guests, and even a few of their reporters and hosts are gun control types. Not only that, but many of the hosts, reporters, panel members and regular guests on CNN and the like watch Fox News, and their producers do, too, all of which is evidenced by their frequent criticisms of Fox News hosts and guests.