Personal Protection: Double Action Revolvers Part One (Accuracy)

I wasn’t going to give him the time tonight, but I did… (there are feline friends who think I’ve over stayed my bedtime.) But, great lesson in the meantime, and promises of three more lessons to follow.
Mr. Harrell, you probably know just how much good you’re doing for the shooting community, but if you don’t: MASSIVE PROPS MAN!

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Nicely done. Very informative.

Now I understand why I had the wrong grip on my 9mm semiauto when I tested for my CCL last year. I have 7 years of LE experience from the early 70’s-when the standard carry gun was a revolver. I was holding my seniauto like a revolver. Thanks for the info, excellent video!

I always like Paul Harrel’s videos. He does a good job of explaining the subject. I use a double action revolver for hunting, and woods walking. It is a very different animal than a semiauto pistol.

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