Permitium --- your thoughts?

Permitium is the on line service used by my Sheriff for processing CCW requests and renewals.
I was wondering how widespread Permitium is employed by various LE agencies and if anyone has any comments?


Is “Permitium” a new wording with some legal meaning on how it’s used for processing CCW requests/renewals? Haven’t heard of the word.

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So you trust CCW record to a commercial entity, and they are stored in their “cloud”. Which cannot be hacked and leaked. The entity pinky promises to comply with your privacy and protect your 4A rights.

Sounds very good.

Too bad the trend is toward constitutional carry, it is like people don’t trust “the cloud”


I was merely providing a link explaining what Permitium is. I don’t trust any record keeping when it comes to my 2A rights.


My sheriff in rural Colorado used to report CCW permit holders to the National Criminal Information Center (NCIC) database which contains, among other things, lists of known criminals. His rationale? “Officer Safety.”

If you don’t want your information – particularly data about firearms ownership – known to government, then don’t apply for or get a CCW permit. Government can be expected to use that information for nefarious purposes. Maybe that will stop with the spread of constitutional carry, but I would not hold my breath.


My “you trust” referred to the Sheriffs who use the system. Thanks for the link.

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Ahhh yes, we saw “officer safety” at its peak at Uvalde.


Interesting service that tracks permits and shares information among subscribing agencies. No mention of how subscribing agencies will keep the information secure. Why, one should ask, must the governed obtain permission (a license) from government agencies to exercise a right guaranteed by the Bill of Rights? Would a permit for free speech or freedom from warrantless searches pass muster? Sounds like a defacto national database of those who carry firearms.

I found the description of permit sharing (Permit Check) interesting. How does a permit check function enhance officer safety?

"PermitCheck is a public search interface that can determine the validity of a permit issued from any of the agencies who participate and use PermitDirector for weapon permits. This interface can be used by deputies, dispatch, and gun dealers, who when presented a CCW or gun permit, can simply enter the permit number and receive, in real-time, the validity of that permit.


  • Provides deputy safety so they can check the validity of a permit
  • Where applicable, gun dealers can confirm if they can use the permit to sell a weapon according to local statute
  • As agencies update the status of permits, PermitCheck is also updated in real-time, ensuring timely accurate data in the field"

@Elza1 Thanks for the web. Very informative.

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my county is now using this system… not real pleasing IMHO…

took way longer then before they came along… and the messages from them were…

UNCLEAR??? and a real pain in the ass to see what was happening on their site…