People lurking outside the restaurant

I’m sitting inside a restaurant, Applebees at the moment, at the moment, waiting for my food.

A customer comes in, sits down next to us, he walks away and heads out, and comes back in.

He tells the staff and us, that his Tahoe has his windows down and there’s 2 people outside looking at his truck and when he approached them, they turned away.

The waiters response was maybe you shouldn’t approach them, so on my way I’m going to be extra cautious .


Is this real time?
Check from distance, make the call if necessary, know your exits, check for that extra mag! Everyone at dinner with you has a responsibility.
Call for friends/reinforcements!
Seems you may be in condition red. Deescalate or take cover!
Worse case create a diversion!


Yes this is real time.


Go with your instincts! Don’t panic! As long as you or a loved one are not the target and only the vehicle is the target, that can be replaced!
If you think you need to check the situation from a closer distance, I’m sure the kitchen has an exit with no alarm!
A slip and fall ( acting of course ) or choking on that chicken wing, or refusal to pay the check could bring the needed attention.
Unless you feel the direct approach is required, straight up dialing 911.


Simple, get your family safe and tell the staff to call 911. Find a defensive position if you have to. Better to spend the night jail instead of the hospital or morgue.


WOW… Just like face book. :roll_eyes:

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Guy got drunk and called someone blabbing his mouth about how he’s about to walk out and not come back after a half a drink of beer, and he asked for his food and she hasn’t given it to him yet, and he’s not about to come back.

Made me think whether or not the story was true about the people approaching his truck, and decided it’s time to pay and start going. We didn’t see anyone, when we left and I gave the waitress an extra $10 tip for dealing with the drunk guy. All is well.

I just think it’s a good idea to practice and reinforce our training and ideas.


Is it normal in your neck of the woods for a stranger to just sit down next to you, walks away, and then comes back?


Time to leave.


Nope, and it was dark outside the restaurant so we didn’t really see anyone, so my only concern was if someone malicious came inside the restaurant.


Hey Bruce, I’m a proud USCCA member, and I feel it’s important to share matters like this in forums like this. It not only helps with my training, but your training as well, and reinforces our behaviors by standing together as a community knowing we’re making the right decisions.


Have atter dude. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The first time he walked away, I would’ve probably unholstered already or at least hand on my piece.
Or, ask my wife to go to the ladies room while I look for the manager.

The waiter’s response was troubling too. You should have been able to spend your time there without any disruption like that.

Then, the guy comes back, tells the staff and you.
If there were other customers inside that Applebees, I would interpret it as we’ve been targeted by the guy.


For clarification, where you were precisely within the restaurant when he sat down by you?

I was in red, my friend was in blue, the drunk guy is in purple, and the elderly couple were in green.


Like, were you in the waiting area, at a bar, in a booth?

At the bar, the circle thing is the bar.

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My one bit of advice would have been, next time, avoid the seat with your back to the front door. If I’m sitting at a restaurant bar, I actually like being on the end near where the staff comes and goes through the bar because it keeps someone being able to sit near me and my wife, and it allows for a quick exit through the kitchen.


Seems like a nice piece of Situational Awareness. You knew there’s something weird going on in your A.O. and you took action. Everything turned out OK so, Job Well Done.


Based on the pic I would have never sat there and moved to the far end of the bar “too hot/cold” after the first encounter. 1st: Time, Distance and Shielding. 2nd: Bug out the back door. OSHA requires access / egress if the building is divided front to back most restaurants are. I’ll come back and settle my bill so I can come back again. I don’t discount spidey senses.