Parts Challenge: Name that part

Being able to accurately discuss your firearm is important to show your understanding of your firearm and describe its use.

For those who are NEW to firearms, name the following parts:

For the EXPERIENCED shooters in the Community, how many pieces does your firearm strip down to?

Please include the make/model of the firearm you’re discussing. It doesn’t have to be your carry if you’d rather keep that information private.

Do you want us to send you private message with answers? :wink:

Post away! (No need for a private message :wink: )

And notice there is a question for more advanced shooters too :smiley:

but it won’t be a fun… first person will ruin everything :slight_smile:


I’m in between… but once I named everything correctly in my mind… I will go for second question:
My 1911 has 51 pieces (magazine’s parts included)…
Wow…that’s first time I have realized there is so many parts :scream:

UPDATE (after 40 minutes)…
OMG… I’ve just counted my PPQ M1 parts… 51 as well. I’ve always thought striker fired pistol is less complicated…

Field strip? or total takedown? :grin:
Glocks field strip to:

  • Magazine(s)
  • Slide (with sights and striker group)
  • Barrel
  • Recoil Spring (and guide rod)
  • Frame (receiver with trigger group, mag release, slide lock and basically everything else)

If you want to get down to hard-core, the Glock G21 Gen 3 breaks down into 32 or so parts including pins and springs (depending on how exactly you count them… do you count the front sight screw separately from the sight? do you count the pair of spring cups as one part or two?). The magazines break down into 5 additional parts.

I’ve had the mags apart but I’ve never taken my Glocks fully apart. Haven’t needed to :wink: In 20+ years of owning glocks, I’ve never broken one. :grin:

Midway has my favorite interactive glock diagram:


M&P C field strip=5 pieces
Recoil Spring and guide rod assembly
Lower assembly containing the trigger, mag release, etc.

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haha… so far nobody named 8 gun’s parts :joy:
no newbies here… :love_you_gesture:


Maybe the newbies haven’t found the diagram? I hope if they have that they know this is a great place to learn and we’re here to help if they don’t know something. :thinking:

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… or these part’s names are too obvious to post the answer :wink:

Maybe you should make this more challenging? :thinking: Let say, something like this:

What is a sum of numbers representing parts containing letter “S” in their names?


I have a S & W SD 40 VE to clean it, five. But with the trigger up grade I installed a lot of parts. I won’t gave it away but if you don’t know those parts you need some training. LOL

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