Panzer BP12 bullpup shotgun

Hello all!!
I am an owner of the Panzer bull pup 12 gauge and I have a question about shooting slugs, I don’t wish to win a Darwin award for doing so, I always thought shooting slugs with a slug barrel only was the rules, now I as much as I have read, it doesn’t seem the case? I know the BP12 is a smooth bore 12 gauge, and there are a rifled slugs to be purchased? but there are many choices. which do I use?
The range I belong too will allow me to shoot it there, but slug only, I do not with to ruin the bull pup, Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
Thanks USCCA


@DeplorableWitcher - After doing some searching on the net I found a answer from
someone who also owns the Panzer. His answer was that he could shoot a slug from
his Panzer up to 3 inches. Best I could do. Mike

In your opinion sir, perhaps the rifled slug?

Best results will most likely be from a rifled or foster type slug. Sabot slugs are designed to be shot through a rifled barrel. What choke is your Panzer?

BULLPUP SHOTGUN (BP12) specs don’t show the choke =(

Gauge 12

Chamber 3”

Action Semi-Auto

Barrel Lenght 51 cm/20”

Receiver Aluminum 7075

Coating Chrome

Receiver Finish Eloxal

Magazine Capacity 5

Sight Material PA 6 GFR 30 / PA6 GFR 30

Lower Receiver Material PA 6 GFR 30 / PA6 GFR 31

Overall Lenght 78 cm

Overall Weight 3.800 g(without magazines)

Sights Adjustable

Stock Synthetic

Grip Ergonomic pistol grip

Trigger Standard

Safety Manual

Should still be good to go with foster or rifled slugs. They are designed to pass through chokes. If you have any questions, try reaching out to the company directly.

Thanks Brian!! your’re the best!

I’ve shot plenty of slugs through smooth bores, and deer in corn fields with slugs through smooth bores. No problem. The accuracy may suffer a little bit but it IS a shot gun.
Actually, after spending lots of time and money on grouping and patterning all kind of fancy super duper shotgun shells over the years I’ve decided that good old fashioned 2 3/4" chunks of lead in the green and yellow box (Remington) are just as good, if not better, than anything else I’ve tried. Right back were I started from.


Yup, got a couple of those in the sidesaddle on my 870 house gun myself. Hard to beat them.

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The Panzer Arms bp-12 comes with three chokes. A 1 hash, 3 hash and 5 hash iirc. The for sure thing is that it does not come with a rifled choke. At least not the gen 2 that I have.

Double check your choke selection, make sure you run a Cylinder choke in order not to damage the barrel threads. Smooth bores do not always mean you can safely runs slugs. The barrel can be made with any choke design, normaly it is marked on the barrel. Running a slug through a choked barrel could have very bad results, not only for the shooter, but also any one standing near by.