Whats the best most powerful 3" slug for a 12g

K all me again so as you all know I have a Mossberg Shockwave I took the raptor grip off and put a sbs Brace Kit on it witch is very nice. But I use it for home defense a BEAR gun and will be using it to get my Buck this year. Whats the Best and most powerful 3" slug I can get i want a slug that when it hits it hits HARD and leaves a HOLE i love shooting 3" high Brass slugs I also have a crap ton of the mini slugs to but I guess what im asking is what slug do you recommend thats going to make a mess!


@Grizzly Here are 2 of my favorites. Winchester Super-X 1 oz slug at 1760 fps.
And the heavy hitter. Rottweil-Brenneke 1 3/8 oz at 1600 fps.
I like the Win. some real kickers and hard hitting. Can be found anywhere.
Brenneke are tough and hard hitting for cars and dangerous game but are hard to find right now. :+1:
Brenneke carries the largest line of specialty slugs in the world.

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Here is the YT video I mentioned earlier, Happy Hunting. :+1:

Just wondering if changing the grip & adding the brace turned this from Any other firearm into a tax stamp deal or possibly illegal

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Dixie IXL-DGS 2 oz at 1200 fps

A pistol grip is just that, and a brace is not a butt stock, so it is not an SBS, nor an AOW.

On the slugs for deer question, I use the good old fashioned yellow and green box Remington 2 3/4" 1oz chunk of lead out past 100 yards. They work fine and shoot as straight, or straighter, than anything else if you know what trajectory to expect. You don’t have to use 3" or 3 1/2" just because you can.
Where I appreciate the longer shells is for things like turkey and goose where reaching out with a with a well patterned heavy load is ‘appreciated’. Regarding making a big hole and doing lots of damage, it’s bambi, weren’t you going to eat that meat…

I couldn’t help but notice from the picture you posted that your 9mm mags are loaded up with full metal jacket. A bit of expansion and efficient energy transfer may serve you well here if you have other bullets available.


Magic mushroom brass slug 405 grams mostly shot out of a rifled barrel

Understood but is of little help. If pistol grip changes the length of firearm ( less 26") what purpose is the brace? Is it added to the length? Making it legal again? Or does it make the firearm something else?

Braces are not part of the overall length, and it remains a pistol. The pistol grip makes the length shorter than the original bird head’s grip.

Just dont forget that the direction of of the ATF, of late, has been that yesterdays pistol is today’s “Any Other Weappn” and if you modified it you dont have an ATF review of the ‘as manufactured’ version to call on in your defense.


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Them are self defense rounds!

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50/50 ??