Slugs for thugs

Which us your favorite? The Brennke ATS load or the G2 Research self-defense load?

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Federal 12 gauge 2 3/4 tactical low recoil 1oz (LEB127LRS)


Actually I prefer neither of those offerings. After quite a few range trips and after conducting some extensive penetration testing for work related applications, my preference is the Federal Tactical TruBall Deep Penetrator Rifled Slug.

Stay safe out there Mike.


Plain old Remington green and yellow box rifled Foster style slug, on sale around here for $12.00
a box of 15. Needless to say I have a boatload.
I have been using them since I was a teen and every thing I have shot or seen shot was killed dead
and they have good accuracy past 100yds. :us:


Agreed. I’ve watched those good old “pumpkin balls” arc all the way down the 100 yd. range and find their target many times.

Stay safe.


buckshot, typically a 70 mm (2​3⁄4 inch) 12 gauge shell loaded with 9 hardened 00 buckshot, with a diameter of about 8.4 mm (.33 inch). Home loads are made of bronze.

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With or without a 2" piece of piano wire between pairs?

Without! ? What’s with the piano wire?

Bolo rounds, my friend. You mention hand rolled rounds. We tried years ago with split ■■■■ sinkers, with decent results. Completely worthless, but a fun build. Will rip holes is sheet metal

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I am happy with just the OO rounds!


Agreed. Just a science experiment.

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Wolf Hill Ammo used to have a selection of ‘specialty’ shotgun projectiles, was really expensive, like $3 to $5 a round.

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Winchester Super X.

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I’m partial to #4 buck. It sends about 27 shot pellets, each about .22 caliber, down range with fury that will dispatch most critters.

Besides, it’s less likely to penetrate several walls in case those critters get inside your home.


Definitely buckshot is going to be a better choice for home defense for most people.

I rarely have a shotgun set for home defense these days, but when I do, it has a Federal Flight Control (or Hornady versa-tite) equipped 00 buck loadout.

When I lived in an apartment I used 2 3/4" magnum #4, that one was 34 pellets at slightly lower velocity than the regular 27 pellet. I didn’t practice with that very much though…

Number 4 is my choice also.

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I have nothing useful to add to this discussion, I’m afraid.

I come only to note that “Slugs for Thugs” would make a wonderful shirt. Even better than Pistols for Pandas was, and that was a cool shirt.

Agreed, I thought it sounded like a charity drive.

I hope each of you has patterned their shotguns using your load of choice (slugs excluded). Knowing where those pellets are going at given distances is an essential piece of information. For example, I know that for my home defense shotgun, that up to a 15 ft. diameter a standard load of 2 3/4" 12 ga. 00 will impact within a 20 inch diameter. At any further distance I cannot rely on sending stray pellets through a wall or into an innocent party.