Bullpup Shotguns

Anybody had good or bad experience with these - especially with Mossberg or Kel-Tec? What are the best 12-/20-guage heavy factory loads you’ve used? FYI -Kurt

that’s funny i was just looking for information as to what’s better for home defense 12 ga or 20 ga and what’s the best shot for home.
p.s. i’m 65 so something that wont kick my butt would be nice

If you decide to buy a standard-designed shotgun look at what Knoxx offers now in recoil and adjustable stocks. If you’re looking at home defense, I wouldn’t pick less than a 20-gauge pump, with the heaviest buckshot loads available - keep in mind how devastating a shotgun is at close range - only a complete fool argues with one.

I had a Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun dual receiver in 12 guage. Had to do some work as it was a beast on recoil. Lot of fun to use. I loaded one receiver with slug the other with 00 buck. Could swap at will.

Highly recommend. Would still have but it fell overboard last night. :innocent:


A great gun at a great price is the Mossberg Maverick 88, comes with a tactical and hunting barrel, its well built, you can find it for around $250 and it uses, the Mossberg 500 series accessories so there are many.

I have modified mine to complete tactical for a total of $300, and have the option if needed to go back to hunting approach with it.

For home defense I would not use anything less than #4 and preferably 00!

I was looking at that pre-riots/COVID, but didn’t buy. I recently wished I had, but I figured it was a hard sell to my wife. Now it seems she would also agree with the purchase, but I doubt the cost is reasonable now, and forget about ammo.

If it is for home defense, I would suggest sticking with the 12-gauge, but using #4 or #6, as they are not likely to pass through the side of your home and injure/kill a neighbor, but at SD range will still be quite effective.

I liked Zavier’s recommendation with the Kel-Tec, using one tube for one load and the other a different load. That was exactly what I had thought of when I was looking at it. Though, I would go with the #6 and slugs, if I got that one.

A lot more info goes into picking a shotgun for home defense. Type of home, apartment, condo. Short range still must be aimed ( no patterns). Also ammo choices. 12 or 20 gauge using #4 buck or 12 gauge with adapter & 1 3/4" buck is nice. Good luck

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You could look at the Ruger PC Carbine or Ruger PC Charger - Both are 9mm. I am biased and don’t care for shotguns, the PC Carbine is fun to shoot and I would think would be a better home defense gun than a shotgun. I would worry about the pellets of a shotgun not all hitting the bad guy and if the bad guy is between you and the family or something you don’t want to hurt the 9mm might be a better choice.

And, if you happen to step outside, the Carbine whould have longer and more accurate range than a shotgun.


Tried out my new Hatsan Arms Escort BTS 12 bullpup last Friday and it is devastating at 10 yards ! I’m 76 years old and about 160 pounds and had no trouble handling it. Used 2-3/4 " 00 buckshot, both high and low brass and it ran flawlessly. It will take 3" also and even interchangeably in the same mag. Couldn’t get my hands on any 3" to try.
Sure is a conversation piece and I would hate to be on the receiving end at any yardage ! Here is a link to a video on it.

I am thinking about getting a bullpup for home defense as well. However, I live in VA and our governor has lost his marbles. With all the fuss over AR pistol, braces, SBRs, etc. I am concerned that bullpups might be next, especially the semi-autos (love that Tavor TS 12).

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I am in VA, too. No, I don’t foresee that. That would only be at the same time as all the rest of our firearms are banned.

[Edit] I assume you are part of the VCDL? If not, please join. Their website is vcdl.org.

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12 ga 00 Buckshot. Federal Flite Control.

Bingo…only firearms allowed are double barreled shotguns which can only be fired from porch.


Thanks. Will do.