Home defense ammo 20 gauge

what ammo type is best for home defense for 20 gauge?


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I would choose 2 3/4 or 3 inch #3 or #4 buckshot over birdshot or 2 3/4 inch slugs if I had a choice. :+1:


More info on this subject.

12GA vs 20GA…buckshot vs birdshot - Guns & Gear - USCCA Community (usconcealedcarry.com)


Buckshot that you have access to and have tested the pattern and function of in your gun.


If you live rural there may be a use case for slugs, but, pretty generally…buckshot.


Brass Fetcher has a pretty good video showing shot shell comparison at the link above. Granted, it is all 12 gauge, but you can see the difference between all the different sizes of shot.

In My Wife’s 20 gauge, we have it full of #4 Buck and a few slugs in a shell carrier on the right side of her stock. More #4 buck in a shell carrier on the left side of her receiver.

By all means, pattern your chosen ammo. Measure out the longest distance you may be shooting inside your home, get some targets, set them up at different distances up to the maximum distance you will be shooting inside your home and shoot the targets with the ammo you choose. In our home, the #4 buck in her gun will give about a 6 inch spread at 30 feet. That is the longest distance I will shoot inside my home. 00 from my 12 gauge cylinder bore with 18.5 barrel will spread to about 4 inches in that distance.


That’s why I like the idea of my KelTec KSG 15. One receiver with 7 slugs, the other receiver with 7 00 buck.

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Love a KSG. Being able to select which load you want is a big plus and the 14+1 capacity is plenty to end a home invasion shootout.

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