Panzer Arms

Hello Community
I’m looking to buy a Panzer Arms BP 12 but the only place I see it seems little weird. Do you guys know anyone that has it in stock

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None of my trusted firearm stores have got in on stock now.

I appreciate the help. I figured that company was fraud. They wanted me to Zelle them money lol

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Darth, I found one source that says they have your Panzer BP12.
The site The price shown was $456.05 in stock.

Good Luck


Gun Critic doesn’t sell firearms.
Right now they don’t even have correct information about prices and stock.

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Unawear of the Guncritic, I was looking for information about the weapon to pass onto Darth. Thanks for the update on the site.


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It’s just sad that the are scammers acting as a legitimate company to take people’s hard earned money

Sorry about the misinformation Darth, just thought I could help.

The Gun Store, in stock. $489.00. :+1:
Don’t know anything about them, just the first to come up. Good luck.

They are known scammers

Larry no reason to be sorry. That all we are here for. To help each other out. If we didn’t have each other’s help. We would all be scammed by these low lifes. We are a community/family that helps each other


In this moment, if you are in need of a firearm, you can make a bad choice buying from a scammer.
The same is with face masks or hand sanitizers you can buy on line from Companies that don’t even exist.

Please be careful and do research.
Or wait…

Thanks, Darth


Panzer Arms BP12 finally in stock at

I put my order in. So if your interested in this amazing bullpup shotgun. Put you orders in. I have been waiting on this bad boy

Finally got it