Pack a Punch (Concealed Carry Magazine Article)

Normally I don’t post the Concealed Carry Magazine articles, but I think this one is really important if you’ve never had any hand-to-hand self-defense training.

(Click on the image of the article to see it large enough to read easily.)

I’ve done my share of knuckle pushups to work on wrist alignment and strength.

What other tips do you have for those new to hand-to-hand self-defense?

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My wrists are a mess. Titanium in both of them (mc accident when a car pulled out in front of me, and slipping and falling on ice). Knifes for me not fists anymore. And never bring a knife to a gun fight.


OUCH! I’ve got wrist issues, but nothing like that @BJP. I’ve got tendinosis in both wrists because I’m just lucky. :confused:

Knives are great - and can be very useful even in a gun fight. You might find this topic interesting: Never bring a knife to a gun fight


I grew up with a younger brother, on a small cattle farm. I’m good at using a fist. In my younger days, I would even demonstrate that prowess by leaving a hole in an unsuspecting wall, doors, frozen water tanks, etc. sing a “corn fed farm boy” I can pack quite a wallop. Not yanking my own chain, just stating facts.