Broken wrist and work-arounds

Greetings all: Broke my wrist, non-dominant hand, about a 12 days ago. Had surgery a week ago. I’d like the community’s thoughts on carrying pepper spray as an interim measure. My usual EDC is an M&P Shield 9mm. I anticipate that it will be six months+ before I can rack a gun. I have not shot a revolver with any frequency and don’t wish to buy and learn a gun, I am unlikely to use on a regular basis – also don’t have time for the necessary training.

Thoughts on pepper spray?

Other work-arounds which anyone can recommend?


Carry in condition zero. At minimum, condition one (assuming you have the thumb safety model). Problem solved. You mention pepper spray, so logic tells me you are not asking for practice/training purposes.

If a criminal doesn’t have a firearm, pepper spray may be your salvation. If they do have a firearm, well you get the picture!

@Marisa1 So much of this is preference, but I’d look into a Sig P238. It’s a 380 and small so I’m guessing single-hand administration would be easy.

You bring up an excellent point about not being able to rack a slide and choosing a revolvers. That’s actually a clever idea, but totally understand the desire to not buying a gun just for this situation.

I have mixed feelings about pepper spray. It’s very effective in perfect conditions and is a disaster in real-life situations. It might be the right tool for now — I don’t know.

A very bright flashlight is what I might lean to. Blinding at distance and close up can be used as a pummel or striking tool.

For me, I would probably switch to a revolver. But again, I totally understand that might not be the right choice for you.

My best wishes for a speedy recovery!

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Pepper spray is good to carry anyway for those situations that require less-than-lethal force. @Sully_LST has good points, there are benefits and limitations for all self-defense tools. Benefit is you dont have to be too accurate, and most of the time it’s effective. The downside is that it’s usually not “immediate” (and some people are immune/built up tolerance), you can very easily get the backsplash.

However, my first thought is like @Patrick47, as to why not carry in condition zero (loaded chamber) that way you don’t need to rack the slide unless you have some sort of malfunction. You can even reload from slidelock (shoot until empty) with one hand.

Now, this may also introduce some challenges. If you carry on your right side, now you need a new holster for your left side and will have to practice drawing from that side. Just one example. But people can generally shoot pretty well with their offhand with a little practice.

I wish you a swift recovery, but you do have 6 months to practice a new skill :smiley:


Here you go. This is how you work around an injured hand. I accidentally stabbed myself in the wrist a month ago, so, I started reviewing these tactics.


Great advice by @45IPAC.
Practicing one-handed firearm manipulation should be part of everybody’s training and nothing is gonna replace this in case of injury. (pepper spray is only excuse…)
In @Marisa1’s case belt racking may be difficult with M&P Shield… but like @Patrick47 mentioned - Condition Zero will work.


Definitely condition zero. Then, either it’s an empty pistol with a locked open slide, or, a tactical reload with a round still in the chamber.


Take a look at the S&W EZ series both the 9 and the 380. They are meant to be easy to rack the slides .

I would submit that you continue to carry as normal. Round in the pipe, safety on (if applicable) gun in the holster. 6 months may SEEM to be a long time not to be able to do a manual of arms but to the firearm itself it is a blink of an eye.

I do not know your situation and if there is a reason you have to clear your weapon on a regular basis but if it is an issue with storage at home (say small children or visiting children) there are work a round’s to leaving it loaded with an extra layer of security, say a gun vault or some such.

Now is probably a bit late to experiment with one handed mag changes and such but I have found the heel of a boot or shoe against the rear sight (or front if you are comfortable with that idea) to be doable in the squatting position. Depending on the recoil spring racking off your holster or belt is also a viable option. Under arm or between the knees magazine changes are also effective if required but are frowned upon in a public range situation.




Great suggestions everyone! @Marisa1 - OUCH!

Is there a reason not to carry? I’m guessing the doctors gave you some decent pain killers and I can see not carrying when using them. But after that, why not carry? There are videos on doing just about everything one handed.

I think we have a few more videos and threads on one-handed training. (You can see them all with a search of the site using the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner of the screen.)

Hope you have a speedy and pain-free recovery!


I just broke mine 2 weeks ago and had to re qualify with my weak hand only. I bought a left handed holster and carry on! If you still have use of your dominant hand, you should be fine. I reccomend carrying pepper spray regardless, for those non deadly threat situations. Here’s to a speedy recovery!:beer: