One-handed first shot

Does anyone have stats on the percentage of one-handed first shots in defensive gunfights? Claude Werner does not have that breakdown. I’m betting that it happens more often than one might think. Get that first shot off as quickly as possible, even if one-handed from retention.

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if we’d all remember: Point the finger, points the gun, still hand - smooth trigger, gets the job done.
I’d say the statistics could be quite remarkable.
On the third hand… adrenaline dump can mess up a good souffle so easily…


I’m interested in seeing some stats on this. I do point shooting, one handed drills at the range. Regardless of where the sights are, wherever the barrel is pointed, is where the rounds are going.

I seriously doubt if there’s any good source of data for this.

Yeah, I doubt the police are concerned with exactly how someone got the shot off in a self defense case, if it was 1 or 2 handed.

Be a good range exercise for some of us though. Shot on target, from concealment draw, one handed, at survival fight distance.

It would be an interesting statistic but I agree that it probably does not exist.

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