OverLOOKED - For The Most Part?

One point that’s been omitted a great deal in this illegal invasion of human flotsam and jetsam is the probability of contagious, drug-resistant diseases carried by these unvetteds. Tuberculosis, typhoid, cholera, and even STD’s will have their equal opportunities to infect and kill our citizens en masse - on top of the flu and COVID. I remember that even immigrants NOT showing any symptoms had to spend some time in quarantine, before they could proceed. Now it’s Black Friday at WalMart. “People, get ready…”


What an opportunity for fauci and company to create more vaccines to make more money from


That was the argument government made when it passed the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. They argued that Asians should be denied entry because they carried disease and Asian women, in particular, were prostitutes. For example, a Chinese woman was denied entry into the US unless she could prove that she was not a prostitute, had never been a prostitute and would never be a prostitute, because prostitution spread disease.


I don’t think your point is unwarranted though it is clear that we already have more than enough legally born and bred flotsam and jetsam in this country to keep all those diseases freely circulating here.

From a foreign terrorist perspective it would be quite effective to release a biological agent into a large group of illegal migrants heading to our boarder. They would have a high probability of being allowed to pass through without any screening and may even get government assistance with being dispersed throughout the country.

While I have significant empathy for the political and economic refuges seeking a better life, opening our boarders to the flood is not a safe or sustainable answer for them or US.