Oregon Anti-Gun Initiative 17

All Oregonians please vote No in November!!!

Oregon: Anti-Gun Initiative 17 is officially on the Ballot in November!

The Secretary of State officially qualified anti-gun Initiative 17 to appear on the ballot for the General Election in November. Initiative 17 infringes on the Second Amendment rights of Oregonians. The anti-gun package includes a state-run government registry of gun owners’ personal information, requires a permit to purchase a firearm, imposes an indefinite delay on background checks, and bans any magazine with over a 10-round capacity.
The Explanatory Statement Committee (ESC) will draft the statement for the ballot. The title of the draft is “Reduction of Gun Violence Act.” Initiative 17 does nothing to reduce gun violence and blatantly disregards your constitutional rights.
Please tell your friends, family, and fellow sportsmen and women to vote NO on November 8, 2022.
On August 3, 2022, NRA members, Second Amendment advocates, and the public will have an opportunity to comment on, and challenge, the statement. Your NRA-ILA will update you with the language of the draft statement as it becomes available. It is critical that you provide comments on the draft statements identifying the unconstitutional infringements Initiative 17 will place on law-abiding firearm owners in Oregon.