Open Carry situation in Springfield, MO Walmart

Just curious to everyone’s thoughts on the situation last week when the 20 year old went into a walmart with a long gun and wearing body armor. My take: I totally get the ‘right’ to do it, but I think common sense would tell you that it’s not a good idea.

Here’s the quick summary:
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) — A man who walked into a Missouri Walmart with loaded weapons and wearing body armor acknowledges the timing was bad but says he doesn’t regret his actions.

Twenty-year-old Dmitriy Andreychenko is charged with making a terrorist threat after the Aug. 8 incident at a Walmart in Springfield.

Shoppers fled and Andreychenko was held at gunpoint by an off-duty firefighter before he was arrested. He said in a probable cause statement that he was testing whether Walmart would protect his right to openly carry weapons.

The incident came just days after 22 people were killed during an attack at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

Andreychenko, who is free on bond and facing a felony charge of making a terrorist threat, told KYTV he never intended to hurt anyone and was surprised by the reaction.

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Well I for one do not believe him. I believe he was casing Walmart to see what he could do and what he could get away with. Nobody with a functioning brain would walk in any store dressed as he did with all his crap his body armor Yada-yada with a functioning brain cell after everything that’s currently going on in our country.


I have a problem with “2nd Amendment testing” especially since those who get the most negative press are the ones who show up ready for the battlefront out of nowhere. And worse, seem to think the time they “need” to do this ‘testing’ is right after some seriously bad mass casualty incident.

I mean, if you’re living in hunting country and it’s season and you show up with your camo and field gear appropriate to the tasks of hunting… understandable. You are likely one of many over a week and folks tend to understand not leaving your empty unloaded long gun hanging over your shoulder in the truck.

If you’re living as a warrior poet and quietly maintaining your responsibilities to carry to protect the lives of your family and self; doing so concealed. More power to you. I’ll spot you, acknowledge you, and we’ll be fine as long as its all fine.

If you open carry a handgun, I’ll spot you, try to determine if you’re law enforcement, say hello, comment about the weather, and just get a quick attitude check and we’ll be fine as long as it’s all fine.

But I don’t get these guys appearing out of nowhere as a survivalist/military wanna be. They get a wide berth, I’m clearing family out of the way, and making a quick check in with the local SO’s dispatch center.


Some people’s children… Just crazy. Even though it may be legal, I have no reason to carry a long gun in public. Well, except at the dove camp, but different ‘public’ there. But, the long gun and body armor, with the recent Walmart shooting… Just stupid, thankfully, it did not end like it could have.


If you’re interested in seeing some of the other conversations we’ve been having about our local … um … I’ll just go with … immature guy with absolutely NO clue… here are a couple other threads where we’ve been discussing him.

This was practically in my home town. If I ever see him, I’m smacking him in the back of the head for being so completely thoughtless. His lack of any consideration for what people might feel and his dismissal of warnings from his friends and family about how it was likely to be received is pretty remarkable, and he’s not helping, he’s making it harder for all of us. :angry:

I’m quite OK with OC, and while I don’t feel rifle OC is a great idea - especially when worn in a single-point combat sling on the front of the body - I don’t have a major problem with people occasionally doing it.

This comes in a sort of linear scale, though - on one end is considerate, low-key OC as a practical matter - in the middle is OC as an educate-the-public activity - on the other end is acting like a total moron about timing and effect. :woman_facepalming:

My Hubby is an OC guy, every single day. He’s also been the OC to educate people guy, and as MO was transitioning from a gun restricted state to a constitutional carry state, he’s been very active in OC as an educational tool.

But if he ever did anything as tone-deaf as this guy did… well, likely I’d have to lock him in his shop until he grew up. :unamused:


I love that idea @Zee. He needs more than just a smack to the back of the head though lol


I agree, and I hope the law gives it to him :+1:

I, on the other hand, will be carrying so I have to be chill and cant give the immature brat the whupping he deserves. :face_with_monocle:


Maybe his mamma has done it for us already. :laughing: For some reason I doubt it though.

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He’s probably going to get a considerable dose of what he needs both in court and in jail.

If his father hasn’t already kicked his butt appropriately there will no doubt be plenty of them willing to do so in jail.


This is a tough one First why would you carry a long gun in public ?? Second the body armor??? We carry to protect others who can’t and ourselves I am very struck on concealed carry I don’t like others knowing what I have . I don’t want to be the first target …Tim


Proof that Forest was right “stupid is as stupid does”. In today’s climate the Last thing we need is some nut scaring the hell out of John and Jane Public just to “prove” something. I live in an open carry state, however the Only time I will carry in the open is here on the farm or when I’m out in the boonies. In or near what passes for civilization my weapon will be out of sight (handy, but out of sight).


All OC should know better, that’s why all OC and CC should have a firearm class about using comman logic when carrying.


Welcome to the Community, @Tommie!

Common logic/sense isn’t so common anymore :frowning:


Hi @Tommie, welcome to the group!
unfortunately its really hard to teach people not to be foolish. Given that the people closest to him, His sister and his wife, were unable to talk him out of it, I doubt a class could have made him less determinedly foolish.

As an enumerated right, it’s an infringement to require training to “keep and bear arms”. I think people should seek training, but require it? No.


Update… and quoting in case you can’t see the article:

A man who police say filmed himself walking into a Springfield Walmart store last week donning a rifle and body armor has a history of making disruptive videos which he referred to as pranks. …
A search of Andreychenko’s YouTube channel shows he has a history of trying to get a rise out of people on video, though there is nothing on the same scale as the Walmart incident. …
One video, which was uploaded 11 months ago, showed Andreychenko pull up to a McDonald’s drive-thru and use what he purports to be a Chinese accent to repeatedly demand fresh french fries. During the video, Andreychenko played on racial stereotypes. In another video, Andreychenko used the same accent as he apparently tried to negotiate a deal with a freight broker.

Guy is a Lunatic not another way to describe him


If that was done anywhere else like example here in Chicago he would have gone the way of Laquan McDonald. Such a DA then acting Chinese in a different yet somewhat related story (Yeah he looks Chinese). SMH :flushed::flushed::flushed::scream::scream::scream:


I don’t agree with what he did but at least Missouri laws support the 2A.


The problem is that with rights come responsibilities and we’ve raised a couple of generations, maybe 3 now of kids who have largely grown up with no concept of personal responsibility, consequences for their actions and a complete lack of respect for the rights of others.

The guy was simply being an ass by being intentionally provocative just days following a horrible mass shooting in another Walmart. With that kind of timing nobody could imagine doing what he did and not triggering panic among shoppers and store employees.

He’s extremely lucky he wasn’t killed either by the civilian carrier who stopped him or police.