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When I speak at various venues, whether community groups or religious organizations, I am often asked why I carry a gun pretty much every day. My answer is always the same: Because none of us know where or when a violent incident is going to unfold. Being prepared everywhere simply makes sense, even in houses of worship.

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And despite the outcome at the Texas church, and the actions of the those who were legally armed, the powers that be in my church stand fast on their belief that firearms should not be allowed in church. One of those who constantly preach this still states, “they - the state legislature - need to change the law and ban guns in places of worship.” This from a retired state trooper who should know that my state has no law banning firearms in church, and that as private entities, churches can post state approved no gun signs on the entry ways and make the church a gun-free zone, allowing only law enforcement to carry weapons within.
Those of us who carry in church are considered cowards who are deathly afraid of being shot, according to this retired trooper. There is even no convincing these people to work with those of us who carry to coordinate a better response to a possible incident.
They only rely on one paid off-duty police officer on Sundays, and the fact that the police department is four blocks away.
I have to say it’s a shame such attitude permeates the culture in our church.


As a retired state trooper, I will tell you that not all of us feel that way.

The idea that there are “law enforcement” and then “civilians” is detrimental to the sense of citizens being responsible for themselves.

It strikes me as silly to imagine that someone who wishes to defend his or herself is somehow a “coward.” Although I will freely admit that I would not care to be shot either. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If he thinks that one should be able to have a gun for defense at home, what is the difference in being able to defend oneself at home, or elsewhere, including in a church. And if he is retired, he no longer has the full powers of arrest, so maybe he should just turn in his gun, and stop being a silly coward himself.

Just because harm “should” not occur, does not mean that it “will” not occur.

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Wow, I didn’t know that criminals obeyed the law, and would leave their firearms at the door. It is our own responsibility to protect our families and friends. I am a retired LEO, and you may only count on yourself. Don’t leave such an important responsibility at the hands of others.

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I guess when the proof is in the pudding and still not a believer in self defense and upholding the constitution is still not a good idea, well that is a completely different way of thinking. But Clarence, I believe that I have t the answer for you. If you do not want a fire arm, do not buy one. If you want one then buy one. No man has the right to tell another man that he cannot have a firearm.

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