Carrying in your house of worship


Many points of view on this. I know some who’s church’s have sought out people who are known to carry regularly and ask advice, or even ask them to carry.



i believe so
its most unfortunate that you have to
however its the reality playing out.

Lots o great information and videos here at USCCA to pay close attention to. they will benefit you


Several of our church members carry at church. We have regular folks, law enforcement, corrections officers, even a game warden or two. We have a rotating church patrol, that has some of those members on it. Our pastor is aware, and encourages people to be vigilant in the protection of their loved ones at all times. We also have keypad coded doors to our children’s areas, and lock all but the main entrance once services have started. We also make available to all interested church members, our church safety protocols and procedures. When we have bug “outdoor” events, it usually draws a county or city cop who lingers on premises.


I carry when I go to services. And I have a holster that hide my gun when I it on. I have a Sneaky Pete holster and it looks like I have a tablet or cell phone instead of a gun. And I’ve also had the Rabbi ask me if I knew someone who does firearms training. Because he wanted to offer it to members that wanted to take it. I told him that I do the training and that I’m an Affiliate Firearms Instructor with USCCA. And I’d be more that happy to teach a course. but so far he has not contacted me to teach one. And I’ve had no issues carrying when I go to services. And some of the people do know that I carry. And have not said anything about it.

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In our church, we have a security team in place that monitors activities at all times. Very much out of the common knowledge of our congregants. Although, our state is widely a carry state. The leadership of the church are aware, of course. Our strategy is to not show ourselves. If someone is there for nefarious purposes, they won’t know what, who, how many, where the security team are. Therefore, by lack of visual cues, a perp won’t be able to accurately ascertain the threat against [him]. We also keep a close eye on individuals that may seem “out of place” to the normal activity. We do that, by greeting them, even sitting with them during the service. We want to show them they are cared about. And at the same time, protect ourselves and other families attending. (We’ve had a couple incidents that have been resolved in this manner)
For what it’s worth…

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@Skeebo - be sure to check out this other thread we have going on, too: House of Worship Safety

It’s about churches having safety teams so it’s different enough from this topic that both are good to keep open. :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome @Reloader54!:us:


It’s worth a lot @Matt_W! Sound like you have a good plan in place! :us:

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Our church has an annual missions conference where a few missionaries come in, set up displays, and share with us about the various areas of the world they work in. After one service I overheard my pastor telling someone he was going to take the missionaries to the range the next day. I pulled him aside & offered to let him use all of my stuff. One of the missionaries heard that, then he & I started talking about what we both carry. Before you know it it was like a gun convention up in there. Turns out there are so many of our members who have their permits & carry all the time, some I would never have thought would ever do so. If anybody tries anything in our church during a service, boy are they in a huge shock.