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Mid-winter is when many of us start planning summer vacations. As you do so, ensure that your packing list includes your everyday carry (EDC) gear. It’s not enough to grab your firearm, holster and a couple magazines of self-defense ammunition. You need to consider what you have planned for every day of your trip — as well as the activities involved therein — to be certain you’ll bring the best carry options along for the ride. You may want an inside-the-waistband holster for dinner in a restaurant but a fanny pack for hiking on the trail.

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Its a lot to consider, a good deal of planning, and not always ideal solutions. I travel quite a bit, and have always struggled with what to do with my firearm, how to secure it responsibly, yet have it reasonably accessible…just in case.


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Are you traveling by car? If so, check out the transportation laws:

Traveling other ways? Check out this blog post for suggestions and details:

If you still have questions, let me know! I can find more information for you. (Please tag me [@dawn] as it alerts me to your message)

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