Ohio law regarding less than lethal weapon get for self defense

I cannot seem to find any cut and dry current info on if say batons or knives are legal to carry concealed for self defense. From what I can tell knives are illegal to carry for self defense. But it is ok to carry one as a tool.

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It depends on how you define “knife”… switchblades, springblades, gravity knives are all NOT legal to own or manufacture. There is a restriction on concealment of “deadly weapons”, and it looks like it may be interpreted to include some fairly ordinary kinds of folding knives as well.

Here’s good reference for Ohio knife law:

Expandable batons appear to also fall under the general category of “deadly weapons”.

This on batons is from a site I’m not familiar with, so I don’t know about it’s accuracy, but it might get you started:

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Just remember Ohio law states that if you are carrying knife, pepper spray or anything else. You must use those items before you draw your firearm. And we are not a stand your ground State

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