Off-Duty LEO - California - Concealed Carry Questions

Hello everyone,

I’m a new LEO in the Central Valley in California and had some questions regarding carrying off-duty as an LEO. I’ve done some searches but they seem to get lost in similar topics that aren’t a match, or different states, etc…

As a CCW permit holder and a sworn officer:

  1. I’ve learned that we can carry magazines with more than 10 rounds. However, do we need to carry our LEO identification in case we’re stopped and the issue comes up? (Based on a starting point of being a law-abiding citizen, they’re not going to check magazine capacity.)

  2. Do other LEOs carry their work identification on them while off-duty? I’ve heard the incidents of LEOs being killed because they were found to be an LEO.

  3. Where do I find a list of counties we can’t carry in? As an LEO, are we still unable to carry off-duty in counties such as San Francisco and Los Angeles? Are there other counties where we must have firearms locked away while traveling in the county?

Getting answers to those 3 questions would be good to start. Thanks!


@Louis75 Welcome to our community, we are glad to have you here. :us:
I would think those very specific to your area questions would be best answered by your immediate supervisor or your FTO.


That is true, I hadn’t thought about that. I am surprised by the number of officers who don’t carry off duty despite knowing what is out there. So some individuals I know aren’t going to have those answers. But I can think of a couple. I’ll have to share what I find out next week. Thanks.


Yaaa… That kind of blows my mind to. Please share and thank you.


Welcome to the family Louis75.


I suggest you ask your supervisor in your agency and contact the California Rifle and Pistol Association. Also, suggest you join CRPA because it does a lot of good work protecting your rights.


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Okay, getting back to this topic here. I checked with my supervisors as well as someone from the District Attorney’s office. Both lead off with… “I’m not an attorney so this isn’t legal advice…”

The general consensus from our Central Valley county in CA is that:

  1. Carrying your LE wallet badge was a good idea.
  2. And added level of security was making use of the DMV Confidentiality Form available through the department.
  3. I didn’t get any firm info about carrying in other counties. I did hear that as a LEO, and having a CCW permit, (at least in our county) we would be just fine it we carried on or around a school campus. Whether that would be okay in other counties I have no idea without reaching out to their local agencies to see what their response is.

Thoughts on other counties anyone?


As a retired Leo I suggest you google a bill HR 218 by Congress it also will cover you


It’s depressing to learn that active LEOs share Mr. Average Citizen’s concerns. :unamused:


LEOSA - Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act. My only issue with that law is that is creates another special class of citizens that we, as US citizens, are supposed to believe in a classless society.


Welcome to the family brother @Louis75 and you are in the right place at the right time. You will meet great people here and gain a lot of knowledge.

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You can carry hollow points in NJ if your dept carried them but NJ is a pain in the A— I would carry self defense ammo it like a hollow point but has a cap attached on end of bullet carry a 10 rd mag and check and see if here you can carry the JackA— governor signed in to law limited areas you can carry in also carry pepper spray

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Louis75, I’m a retired LEO from NJ. So here’s my advise.

  1. You probably received a rule, regulation and police policy book when you were hired. Read it and review it. It may have the answers.
  2. There may be an Attorney General guideline book there, again review it.
  3. If you have a good FTO, they should be able to answer any questions you may have.
  4. The ammunition type and restrictions have been recently addressed by the Supreme Court. In NJ as a retired LEO I was able to carry Critical Defense ammo. It had the plastic insert in the hollow point. That has since changed to hollow-points etc.
  5. My nephew a NJ police supervisor stated that a lot of the officers who were hired in the last 6 years or so don’t carry off duty. They were not mandated to carry. You may need to go back to Dept policy on that one.
  6. If you have the ability, take every type of class offered. Knowledge is power.
  7. I’ll tell you what I told my officers. Treat everyone you come in contact with respect. You don’t know what they’ve been thru. Listen to what the people are saying to you. Of course there are times you have to do unpleasant things. That’s the job. Be Safe, and Best luck in Your Career. Note, I said career. If your in it as a job you’ve probably taken the wrong one. :us:
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Why are you asking these questions here? If I were your FTO, Sergeant, HR Sergeant, etc. I would be on you like white on rice. No one here knows your policies as you did not disclose your agency, or which Academy you attended.

Your Agency covered this stuff with you, especially in California under P.O.S.T. regulations. Two questions;

  1. Why do you not know the answers to these before you finished your first Watch?

  2. Why have you not gone to the proper source.

You need to stand down until you get properly up to speed.