Off body carry due to health issues

I am not usually a fan of off body carry. In my humble opinion it creates additional concerns one must deal with. As well as not ever losing control of your carry bag, it is probably slower and less intuitive to present a firearm. That said I found myself temporarily in need of a walker after a heart valve replacement and I am in rehab.

My usual carry method would be behind my left hip but at the moment that is problematic and uncomfortable. In order to remain more hands-free using a walker I decided to carry a man bag often just slung from my Walker. Otherwise is being worn in front as a sling bag.

I found these two guys that only make man bags and make them out of waxed canvas and leather. Extremely durable and high quality. The model I chose is actually called and I quote, it’s a man bag damn it. The company name is nutsac with a acorn as their logo. Lmao. I am completely serious! I’ve included photos of my man back damn it, with my sig 238. I normally carry a 9mm hellcat but do not have a good holster to accommodate the bag at this time.

I will add on edit, the bag accommodates not only my firearm but wallet keys cell phone a small multi-tool and a few other odds and ends. If the situation calls for it I still have a little room left for a battery pack phone charger.


I call it a Jack Bauer.


Cool bag. Keep on livin’ my friend, your hip will get better. In the last 18 months, I’ve had 1 stroke, 1 RA diagnosis, two knee replacements, one hip replacement, died twice during surgeries. I own, not one, but 2 walkers (both in the closet). Today, I put down a deposit on electric bikes for me and my wife, 'cause I am committed to getting better and ain’t nothing like spending cash to incent me do just that. Then I took 4 prednisone tablets to reduce swelling in my right hand. :grin:


I am not a fan of off body carry either. Just go with what is comfortable for you at the moment and I pray you get well soon and get back to carrying on your hip. As long as you are carrying that’s the important thing. Hang in there brother.


I am very happy you made it through your procedure. Get well soon and God bless you sir.


Just saw this but above my budget.


They look cool but also look very tactical to me. I’m more of a keep it on the down low look kind of guy. I just ordered a holster for my nutsac that attaches to Molly webbing inside my bag to keep it more stable. I honestly never saw myself carrying a man bag but it is beginning to grow on me as far as convenience and EDC goes.


From one gray man to another :wink:

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