Odd rattle from my spare mag

So I noticed an odd rattling sound as if there was a loose screw bouncing around inside my spare carry mag this morning. I checked the mag loaded into my EDC and no sounds.

I unload the spare mag and give it another shake. Nothing. I reload all 15 rounds back in and again, rattling.

At this point, I’m thinking I need to take apart the mag and check its internals.

As I go to take apart the mag, I notice that the mag has a larger base than the one in my gun and I get that “I can’t believe I’m an idiot” sensation. I release the mag from my EDC, pop out 2 rounds and load them into my spare. No more rattling. Yup. I just realized that 2 of the 3 mags that I got when I bought the gun were 17 round mags and I’ve been either 2 or 4 rounds short whenever they’ve been in my carry rotation. Somehow, I never noticed that those mags were slightly longer and I always went by the invoice that listed 3 15 round mags.


No fault, No foul. We all have had those, forehead slap moments.



my PPX mags rattle when I have 11 or more rounds. They do it inside my gun too. I am displeased. Apparently, it’s endemic to some designs and I have been told that there’s nothing I can do about the rattlers.

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My M2.0 mags rattle (usually one slightly loose bullet far down in the mag). From what little research I’ve done it is not an issue but can be annoying. If you slap the back of the mag against your palm it will stop it for awhile.


I had my "wow I could have had a V8 moment when I realized my Glock 30 would take Glock 41 mags. I was like woohoo 4 extra rounds. I am pretty sure that at the end of a gunfight no one has ever complained about having to many rounds left over.

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I think the spring puts a certain amount of pressure on the follower and when the spring is compressed It relieves the pressure on the coils and lets the lil rattle happen