NY lawsuit

I say, let her win, right out of the gate, and add to the result that all firearms are illegal. Cops, Everyone. then buy popcorn…


She probably would have done better suing Hollywood for arming every bad guy with a Glock.


Now there is a lawsuit idea. Sue the makers of movies and TV shows for shootings because illegal gun use/murders are glamorized on the big screen


How do we know the Glock doesn’t identify as a Ruger.
Edit :smiling_face_with_tear:

Or a Luger. Or a booger.

Two birds with one stone, the 2nd and the 1st.

Actually with the lawsuit is their any reason why Glock and other Manufacturers just say we will not sell our guns in the State of New York? This worked in DC a few years back.

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Just a guess, because they would lose money.

And because the ones passing and supporting the control laws would very much like making it even more difficult and expensive to be a gun owner in their state, which is what that would accomplish

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