NY Joins CA


It’s a relatively short drive from NY to NC, where you can buy all the ammo you can afford. Pick up some extra for friends to cover the cost of your trip (unless, of course, that is illegal :wink:).


Just don’t get caught driving it back across the NY State line. Not sure about the NY law but the CA law makes it illegal for CA residents to come back to CA with more than 50 rounds of ammo I think.

I assume the NY law also stops online ammo orders unless you go through an FFL. Most FFLs in CA won’t handle those transfers because there is no money in it for them so CA residents have no access to cheap bulk ammo purchases.

Glad I don’t live in NY or CA. CA has already “accidentally” released private gun owner information to the public. I’m sure NY will be just as intentionally careless with all the private information they will be collecting.


Sad state of affairs. Too bad we don’t live in a constitutional republic.


Wow. Another reason not to live in NY or CA.

People should understand that these background checks for ammo are simply mechanisms to build a state firearms registry with a list of people who now own and use firearms (For now, 4470 records are, by law, not kept by federal government agencies). Then, when a Governor like New Mexico’s decides that there is a firearms public health crisis and firearms need to be immediately confiscated, government officials will know whose doors to knock on. There will be plenty of government officials and local law enforcement willing to ignore the oath they took to defend the Constitution and put you in jail for the crime of possessing a firearm during a public health crisis.

Learn to reload. Understand that your CCW permit also puts you on a list.


I could do the same by driving to the biggest little city in the world Reno, NV.
But, it’s prohibited.


You would probably get arrested for the plastic straw in the soda before the Reno ammo. :rofl:


I’d move back to Western NY if not for the gun laws. I love it there, the people and the landscape, from the Finger Lakes to Lake Erie it’s all beautiful, and where I spent the first half of my life.

Too bad it’s such a political mess. I could never go from the free state of Florida back to that. It wasn’t like that when I left, but it’s gone insane since. I keep hoping for sanity in NY, so I can return someday. In the meantime, my Florida roots have gotten really deep. I’ve been here longer than the majority in the state.

It’s funny. When I came here it was still a bit of a backwater and not on the national radar. Now it’s the third biggest state and a bastion of intelligence compared to so many other places.


Florida Man stereotype notwithstanding