NRA cancels the Carry Guard program

Just saw a notice from NRA that they are canceling the Carry Guard program. We all know they blatantly tried to copy USCCA’s program and then strong arm them out of competition. So, I’m actually happy to see the NRA get knocked down a notch on that move.

Hopefully, USCCA is crafting some advertising to pick up the people who have/had Carry Guard.


Umm no, I don’t think so as for why or when the NRA started the Carry Guard Program.

The reason behind it’s cancellation is the fact the underwriter has been at odds over major issues with the NRA for the last year or so.

That’s an interesting development… wonder what it is going to mean for the NRAs participation in contesting things like the WA and NY bans on USCCA?

I looked into the carry guard thing, and if I understood it correctly, they really wanted you to spend quite a lot of money on classes and qualifications before you were eligible for coverage. Didn’t look like an appealing plan to me, so maybe they just priced themselves out of the market.

Where were you getting that Zee? As far as I know any member was eligible for the coverage.

I carried CG, USCCA, and TXLS for some time just to keep all my bases covered as I’m a big believer in redundant coverage for major things and I don’t remember ever seeing any such requirements on my applications.

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@WildRose, maybe I just missed the point, but here… (bold added)

…We can do our best to avoid trouble, but bad things sometimes happen to good people. That’s why right behind your firearm, your second most important protection is a rock-solid training program. NRA Carry Guard aims to be everything law-abiding gun owners need to carry firearms with confidence and competence. Our training program, featuring both in-person classes as well as a vast online video library, was developed by an expert team of military and law enforcement veterans and focuses on the unique legal, mental and physical circumstances you must be prepared to face before and after pulling the trigger. NRA Carry Guard teaches you how to avoid and de-escalate conflict situations. But should you ever have to defend your life, you could face serious criminal or civil liability—even when you are completely innocent. In those devastating circumstances, NRA Carry Guard provides access to important resources.

From nracarryguard sites “about” page

Yes but the training was not a prerequisite for the coverage nor was it required to keep it.

They were trying to offer a program similar to the USCCA’s but problems with the underwriter basically killed it.

I dropped my coverage with them a year or so back when I just decided I could not support the underwriter because they were at odds with us on some important issues. I think a lot of people did for the same reason and combining that with the legal issues I suspect the NRA management simply decided to drop the whole thing.

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Plus, if you look at their terms, they are a reimbursement program. That means you pay upfront and they’ll reimburse you if you’re found not guilty. I dont know about you but I dont have a couple hundred thousand $$ to put upfront for my defense.


They also only covered use of a firearm. Only.

Nothing else which would otherwise be considered a legal use of force was covered, whether it be hands, pepper spray, knives, etc. So if you used one these in order to avoid using a firearm, they would not cover you.

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I am and have been a Life Member of the NRA since 1974. I never considered signing up for Carry Guard because of the shenanigans they pulled with USCCA when they launched.
The NRA has had some major issues over the years but when they cancelled USCCA’s booth I thought that was pretty petty and low.
I did a lot of comparing before selecting USCCA and found that their program was the best fit for me. Since I have been so happy with USCCA I never considered Carry Guard as it came out after I joined USCCA. My only complaint is that I never win any of the drawings…


:rofl: me either. But I remain ever hopeful :star_struck:

I agree, I am also a long time NRA Life member, but cancelling the USCCA booth rubbed me the wrong way.

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