Not Your Grandfather’s Rounds

Have you followed the progression of frangibles? Blogger Kat Ainsworth goes through some history and the latest information on frangibles in her blog (above).

Would you use frangibles in your home defense? How about as your carry ammo?

There was a similar thread about this already.
I would not use them for home defense. Frangibles were designed to disintegrate on steel target. They go through drywall and studs without any problems. I would expect them to go through human body as well…
For home defense and carry ammo - hallow point only.

@Dawn, @Jerzy I think I’d like a hunting challenge with them first before carry ammo. I’d also like to set up a wall with the sheetrock and stud types in my home to see how they perform there. Then I can make an informed decision on my own. I won’t discount Kat Ainsworth accounting but will take it into consideration.