Frangibles for your home defense?

On page 60 of the Concealed Carry Magazine this month, there’s a brief discussion of frangibles for home defense. (Start reading at Home Defense in the picture below)

Do you use frangibles for your home defense?

I think I still have some magsafe’s in 380 laying around somewhere. I was living in a small apartment and every direction was another apartment. It just sounded like a good idea at the time.

Nah, we’re out here pretty much alone. So it’s full house pistol loads, various rifle calibers and 00 buck supplemented with rifled slugs.

I’ve watched few videos on Internet and looks these break up against steel, and go through stud without any problems.
I think I stay with hollow point for home defense…

I had Glaser Safety Slugs from 10 years ago. I’ve since chosen to go with modern self-defense designs without considering frangibles. I may still load my 12ga with 8 or 6 bird and carry buckshot in the bandolier should I awaken in the middle of the night to an incursion in progress.