No more Glocks in Poland

Looks Glock is not such popular in Poland anymore.

However I don’t understand why We (Polish) don’t support own (good) production :pensive:


The Polish Radom was a highly regarded pistol, the Germans kept it in production after they invaded in WWII. A modern Radom would be interesting for sure.

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The Pols changed for the same reason the US switched from the 1911 to the M9 Beretta. And now they replaced the M9 with the Sig. The bid process.

That’s right, but military and police contracts are paid by Government.
Why Government prefer Berettas over Walther, which is manufactured in Poland?
Is it price? No. All prices are negotiable. That’s frickin politics, which makes me angry… :face_vomiting:

Aren’t Glocks made in Austria? Isn’t Walther made in Germany? I think it is simply whatever company meets the requirements closest in the bid process. That might be subjective but that is life.

Glock - Austria, Walther is German, but one of Polish Factories made them also. Anyway, that’s not good if Country doesn’t support it own businesses.
Look at US, You cannot buy any gun which actually is not made in USA… Glock, Walther, H&K, CZ, FN, Beretta, SIG - these are European manufactures but their firearms are US made.
That’s how Government protects own businesses… That’s how it should be - spend money, but the money stays in the same place.