No guns for Negroes (A Documentary)

Published in 2009 the message is still relevant today.


I have this on DVD. It was part on my membership with JPFO. And I found it very interesting.


Interesting video you posted, from historical perspective, making me appreciate our 2A more.
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Infographic illustrating the attributes of the average American gun owner.

Source: Additional demographics and historical article below


Edited title for clarification of topic. ~Dawn

I like this infographic, but I’m curious what they mean by “average.”

  • If 31% of gun owners are married, doesn’t that imply that 69% are single?
  • If 44% live in the South, does that mean 56% live in the North?
  • If 40% of gun owners have children, does that mean that 60% do not?

Also, I’m bothered that the vast majority of gun owners are white males. I really believe that the most vulnerable need 2A the most. Granted, grandma may not be fit for militia duty, but she shouldn’t be expected to fight an intruder hand-to-hand, either. Perhaps it’s sexist or racist, but I think women and vulnerable minorities need the USCCA more than the average male.


Them quotes might be pertaining to legal gun owners because I know for a fact, it is way more easy for criminals to get their hands on a gun the for the law bidding citizen in every state.